Wikimedia Foundation Carbon Footprint report for 2021 published

The Wikimedia Foundation’s carbon emission has decreased by 7% as compared to previous years. This was indicated in the Foundation’s annual environmental sustainability (carbon footprint) report for the year 2021. You can read a summary of the report on diff here and a detailed version of the report on Commons here.

What are your thoughts and feedback concerning the Foundation’s sustainability efforts?

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This is very instrumental for climate activist and wikipedians as the same.

Great information

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Beginning in [July 2022], we will charge ourselves an internal carbon fee, per metric ton of carbon equivalent […] We will direct these funds to support community-led initiatives focused on knowledge gaps and “topics for impact” in the environmental sustainability and sustainable development space. This is an experimental effort and more details will be released soon.

This sounds pretty cool!

It’s a much healthier approach IMO than fighting to minimize the movement’s carbon footprint, even at the cost of reducing its (probably magnitudes larger) positive environmental impact via dissemination of free knowledge.