User Status feature enabled

Hi everyone,

Discourse made publicly available a new feature, User Status that enables you to set a custom status message. After setting, that message will be shown next to your avatar on posts, in chat, on your user card etc.

You can use it to let everyone know that you’re temporarily unavailable, are on a long vacation, or just to share your mood.

How to use it?

(This is based on Discourse documentation here)

To set custom status, go to the user menu and press the Set custom status button.

Then choose emoji and description, and, optionally, set an auto removing timer. For example, you can set status :palm_tree: vacation” until Feb 1st and everyone on the forum will see it. You can also choose to pause notifications during that period.

How to clear status?

To clear status, open the status modal and press the delete button.

Please, give it a try and share your thoughts.

Many thanks