The Village Pump; a collaborative workspace

I am posting this thread, because I feel that our website can benefit from having one thread, to accompany the existing threads, which could serve as a centralized place, where we allow an ongoing, free-ranging discussion, of a whole array of ideas, efforts, proposals, questions and comments.

I fully admire the value of all the individual threads and ideas already posted here. I simply feel that perhaps one thread might be needed to serve a role that is similar to the Village Pump on Wikipediua; namely that by scrolling through the whole thread, one can see a whole variety of topics posted here in various areas.

by the way, if people want to comment below on some ways to better structure or utilize this thread, that is fine as well. thanks!

I posted this thread back on November 1. I have revised the thread title, as shown below.

  • new title: The Village Pump thread; a collaborative workspace for MS Forums
  • old title: Village Pump thread: Post your questions, thoughts, or comments, or let us know of your latest initiatives, efforts, and ideas!

I have felt for some time that the MS Forums could benefit from having a single thread which might serve as a central gathering place and collaborative space of sorts. This is to have a central thread where we can discuss various ideas, activities and efforts, and questions, or decisions which need some community attention, decision, or debate.

My main reason for creating this new type of thread is to hopefully serve as a positive resource for the community. more specifically, I have noted that there are indeed a number of varying of recurring topics, ongoing themes, and broader questions which periodically have been coming up and been addressed across different threads and in a variety of different topics here.

So in true Wikipedia fashion, I have created this thread, to
a) serve as a central hub and gathering place,
b) serve as a collaborative workspace,
c) possibly serve as a place for existing discussions from other separate threads, which might be better handled if addressed here.
d) I am not discouraging the creation of individual threads for individual topics, as they arise, and any time that any member of this site feels a new thread is needed.

Please note, there is absolutely no requirement or obligation of any sort whatsoever for any group member to use this thread for any type of topics. This thread is here purely as a possible resource, for anyone who may find it helpful. And if this thread does attract some usage, any and all group members are still completely free to set up new threads for specific topics, whenever they choose.

Personally, I feel it would be beneficial if we could try to group at least some of the existing discussions and topics, here on this thread. We can still have threads for individual topics, but my own opinion is that we don’t need a new thread for every new topic, and certainly not for every new event. I think the scope of this thread will evolve over time; perhaps it may expand, or perhaps it may become narrower and more specific. Thanks!