The Status of "IP Editing: Privacy Enhancement and Abuse Mitigation"

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Does anyone know what’s happening with:


It states “(we) will have another update for you shortly with more specific,” and that was Feb 2020 (or am I too impatient?).

I understand that this is a very complicated issue, but I’m just curious because this will have a huge impact on our local project. :wink:

We haven’t released any new updates on IP Masking implementation. Technical decisions are still being made.

We are currently looking at the data from the Farsi Wikipedia IP Editing block study and receiving feedback for the IP Info Feature in an ongoing community beta test. Both are key for IP Masking next steps.

–– Sandister/Anti-Harassment Tools


Hi STei_WMF,

Thank you for your reply. :+1:

Do I have to be an advance right holder to join the IP Info Feature testing?

The current beta test is available on all wikis for all users based on the following (see documentation):

There are two levels of access to IP information. Users with Autoconfirmed will be able to access the Basic information. Users with advanced privileges (admin, sysop, bureaucrat, checkuser) will be able to access the Advanced information. Advanced information includes City, State, ISP, Organization + Basic. Everything else displayed in the above screenshot will be available in Basic.

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Thank you for your reply again.

I added the beta trial to my setting. :grinning:

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Thanks! Don’t forget to give feedback, we will be grateful.

Best, Sandister/Anti-Harassment Tools