Testing whether the globe icon appears or not

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I also see no globe :mag: :thinking: OR Eu também não vejo o globo.

ni siku nzuri

I see no globe sign

Mengetes ini untuk kiriman yang berbahasa Indonesia.

(can confirm the globe doesn’t show up for the above comment)

I can see the globe now. Testers welcome.

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All good now! Yay! thanks so much :star_struck:

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@TCappelletto_WMF @CSinha_WMF there have been “glitches” with Tila’s messages. Let’s test here!

Tila, can you honor us with a two paragraph post in PT, please? You can copy the text from wherever.

Then a separate post with only one short sentence and emojis (I believe the glitches appear in this type of short casual responses, to be tested).

I don’t know how big is the difference, but maybe even post separate messages for PT-BR and PT-PT?

(and I’ll move your messages from another thread just to tidy up things)

(…seems like there is a glitch again as I don’t see the globe icon in this message)

I’m sorry for the glitch, Chitra. I see the globe in the whole thread… in fact, two :mirror_ball: :globe_with_meridians:

  • Two paragraph post in PT

Clarice Lispector , nascida Chaya Pinkhasivna Lispector (ucraniano: Хая Пінкасiвна Ліспектор [1]; Chechelnyk, 10 de dezembro de 1920Rio de Janeiro, 9 de dezembro de 1977),[2] foi uma escritora e jornalista brasileira nascida na Ucrânia.[3]

Autora de romances, contos, e ensaios, é considerada uma das escritoras brasileiras mais importantes do século XX.[4][5] Sua obra está repleta de cenas cotidianas simples e tramas psicológicas, reputando-se como uma de suas principais características a epifania de personagens comuns em momentos do cotidiano. Quanto às suas identidades nacional e regional, declarava-se brasileira e pernambucana.[6][7]

source: Clarice Lispector – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre


A Clarice Lispector foi uma das minhas maiores inspirações quando adolescente. Ela traduzia o universo (e seus buracos) de maneira que o mundo passava a ter mais sentido para mim. :hole: :infinity:


Globe works for me. :tada:

Globe works for me. :dancer:

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I can see the globe now…(why does it do a vanishing act sometimes though :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

It’s a Schrödinger globe.

@CSinha_WMF no globe! Probably because the mentions take as many words as the message, and the API won’t process it as a foreign language. Can you edit the post and make it longer so that it perhaps becomes clearly not-English for the API?

Also, let me past the non-English text below and see whether the globe appears.

এটা খুবই অনুপ্রেরণাদায়ক।

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^^^^^ Globe!