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Dear Sub-Saharan Wikimedians,

The UCoC Revisions Committee has published a revised version of the Enforcement Guidelines. You are invited to give your feedback and comment on this version from September 8, 2022 until October 8, 2022. You may share yours on the Meta Talk page, on the MS Forum, or during the conversation hour.

We will host an Africa time zone-friendly conversation hour on Saturday, 24 September, 15:00 UTC. Live interpretation in Arabic and French will be provided.

Revised version: Universal Code of Conduct/Revised enforcement guidelines - Meta
Comparison of the revised parts: Universal Code of Conduct/Revised enforcement guidelines/Comparison - Meta
Sign-up for the 24 September conversation hour: Universal Code of Conduct/Revised enforcement guidelines/Conversation hours - Meta

I look forward to seeing you there!


Hello Everyone,

It’s the time of the year again. We are excited to invite you to join the second Eduwiki Sub-saharan regional meeting. Together with the Wikimedia Education team we will offer you the opportunity to learn about some wonderful projects happening across the continent, learn about new projects, and exciting opportunities.

We want you to be involved in the broader story storytelling and contribution to the growth of the Eduwiki community.

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 3:00 PM
Time: 15:00 UTC/GMT
Join via Zoom here- Launch Meeting - Zoom

Register/submit a session using this link -

Listen to the latest podcast and learn more about the Eduwiki-Collaborators network - Join us for the Second Sub-Sahara regional meeting (Learn what Eduwiki Collaborators network is all about) by Africa Eduwiki Podcast
Please share and invite members from your communities.

See you soon.:heart_eyes:


Mwari muziko wiki indaba izabera mu Rwanda

@Mwintirew @Owula_kpakpo @Kinvidia @Joris_Darlington_Quarshie @DaSupremo @Gilbert_Ndihokubwayo @Tochiprecious @Semmy1960 @Kinvidia I am sharing this here again in case you are interested or know someone who might be interested in joining the Ombuds commission and the Case Review Committee.


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


The Ombuds commission (OC) and the Case Review Committee (CRC) are looking for members! Apply or share this opportunity with your community.

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Dear African Wikimedians, Have people heard about the RfC? What is going to happen if the vote succeeds? Will fundraising ads be blocked from English Wikipedia? How much do we make from English Wikipedia banner fundraising? And should the fundraising take a hit, won’t it affect projects on our continent?

[Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals) - Wikipedia](https://RfC discussion on a ban on English Wikipedia Fundraising banner)

Back story of why

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3 posts were split to a new topic: How to identify the language codes in posts

@Tochiprecious @Em-mustapha @Mwintirew @Shahadusadik @Owula_kpakpo @Ruby_D-Brown @CaliBen @Ceslause @Jemima2019 What sound makes you think “knowledge”? If you haven’t yet voted for your favourite sound, you can do so here!

I must commend all of the participants and finalists for their efforts and creativity. Listening to the sounds was a pleasant experience!


I applaud participants and finalists for their efforts. This is pure creativity!. Congratulations to all of them.


Nice sounds by all standards. Congrats to them all

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@CaliBen @Olugold @Jemima2019 @Valentine_Badu @Mwintirew @CaliBen @Oby_Ezeilo @Mndetatsin @Akwugo As a grantee, have your challenges been reflected in the report? What did you find interesting, missing or eye-opening in the regional session report?
You can share your thoughts and questions here.Regional reflections on grantees' work - what are your thoughts?

@Zuz_WMF , I applaud your initiation of the topic above. I hope this forum will serve exactly the purpose that you lay out above, namely, to promote creative collaboration across our entire community, as well as on a regional basis, whereever it would be beneficial to do so.

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the thread below is highly relevant. please be sure to visit this thread.

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Are you or anyone from your community attending this event? @Jemima2019 @Ruby_D-Brown @DaSupremo @Em-mustapha @Edward_ambele @Micheal_Kaluba @Justine_Msechu @Tochiprecious @Olugold @Akwugo @Naa2Darkoa


@Zuz_WMF Yes. last year, some of my team members and I together with some members from our Community (Wikimedians of Twi Language Community) were on the call, we are ready to join the call again this year.


Hello @Jemima2019 @DaSupremo @Mwintirew @CaliBen @VALENTIN_NVJ @Olugold @Oby_Ezeilo @Akwugo @Mndetatsin @Em-mustapha,

The voting period for the revised Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines is now open! Voting will be open for two weeks and close at 23.59 UTC on January 31, 2023. Please visit the voter information page on Meta-wiki for voter eligibility information and details on how to vote.

For more details on the Enforcement Guidelines and the voting process, see our previous message.

On behalf of the UCoC Project Team,


Hello Zuz,
I hope you are well.

We have already informed our community about this and I personally have already voted.