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Hello everyone. I’m User: Alhassan Mohammed Awal from Ghana. Some of the Wikimedia core projects/tools I’m active on are Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary. I’m affiliated with the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, a language User Group based in Tamale, Ghana. I’m the Communications Manager for the User Group.
It’s a pleasure to be here to share and learn from fellow Wikimedians.


Salut, je suis Nixon Mukoko du Congo-Kinshasa


Hi all! My name is Nikolay Artemev (Николай Артемьев). I’m Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group. I’m speak Russian and read/write in Russian, Uzbek and English (with supporting online translators).


Hello everyone – lovely to meet you. I’m Sj (user:Sj) from New England, co-organizer of Wikimedians for offline wikis.

I speak English and read German, Spanish, French, + Hebrew. A lifetime ago I helped the sw: and nah: wikis get off the ground, with patience and dictionaries. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Welcome everyone, This is Amal Ramadan a community relations specialist, I am supporting the apps teams.
I am really interested to get into the movement forum, it sounds like a kind place with lots of information as well.


Oi gente, tudo bem? Já ando por aqui há algum tempo, mas ainda não me apresentei formalmente :wave:

Meu nome é Tila Cappelletto, sou brasileira :brazil: e Wikimedista desde 2015. Embora a minha língua materna seja o português, comecei a fazer parte do movimento editando a Wikipédia em espanhol porque na altura morava em Madrid :es: e minha introdução aconteceu numa editatona incrível liderada pela Patricia Horrillo / Wikiesfera - Meta). (Sempre reconheça aquelas quem vieram antes de você!). Graças a essa experiência, tive a oportunidade de me organizar com outras mulheres e cofundar as Wiki Editoras Lx (coletiva de wikimedistas lusofalantes).

Passei a fazer parte do movimento Wikimedia porque acredito no poder transformador e libertador do conhecimento, e que os projetos Wikimedia têm potencial para serem a ferramenta de todo o conhecimento e de toda humanidade. Contudo, e como sabemos, para isso o movimento precisa de uma estratégia (alguém disse Estratégia do Movimento? :smile:). Caso contrário, nosso destino é a reprodução das estruturas sociais e consequente exclusão de diversas comunidades e saberes. Nesse sentido, meu maior interesse é contribuir para ampliar a participação sustentável de comunidades que ainda não façam parte (ou estejam subrepresentadas) no movimento. E você, sente que contribui individualmente ou como parte de alguma comunidade? Qual a sua motivação? :thinking:

Ps1. No âmbito das recomendações da Estratégia do Movimento, a que mais me interessa é #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development (Capacitação e Formação de Liderança). A sua também? Vamos conversar! :call_me_hand:
Ps2. Em 2021 comecei a trabalhar para a Fundação Wikimedia como facilitadora da Estratégia do Movimento. Se você estiver se perguntando “Estratégia? Movimento? Recomendação? Iniciativas?”, vamos conversar! :call_me_hand:

(Bom, basicamente é para isso mesmo que temos esta plataforma, não é? Vamos conversar! :laughing:)



  • My real name is Emese, just my nickname is Lois (from Lois & Clark). I live in Hungary. My native language is Hungarian, but I speak English, and I’m learning Hebrew and Latin.
  • I translate. Everything that is important or not important, I translate. :rofl:
  • I am autistic. I know this is a disadvantage in many places. That’s why people don’t like me.
  • The tasks I’m given I like to do as quickly as possible. That’s why I thought I would join the team and help with my translations.
  • I often get “translation fever” and I would like to translate from morning till night, from evening till morning. Of course, no one should bother me.
  • I have a Siamese cat called Caesy. She’s 7 years old and a bit hysterical. Sometimes she helps me to translate.
  • I consider myself a funny person. I don’t know what else to write. I’m glad I found this forum :blush:

Olá @Lois131, boas-vindas! Obrigada por ter feito eu começar meu dia rindo (sim, você é engraçada!). Diga olá para a Caesy. :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi, I am Yann Forget from France. I have also lived a long time in India. My mother tongue is French, I am fluent in English, and I speak also Hindi.
I am an admin on Wikimedia Commons and French Wikisource.
My userpage is User:Yann - Wikimedia Commons


welcome @Lois131 . glad you’re here! thanks for saying hello!

@yann, bonjour! thanks for joining! :grinning:


इस फोरम में आपका स्वागत है @Lois131 और @Yann :slight_smile:


Hello great colleagues,

I am Adaora Obuezie, a librarian and lecturer from Nigeria. I speak English as my official language and Igbo is my mother tongue. I have been contributing to the wiki space for quite some time now and it’s been awesome as it aligns with my work as a passionate librarian. I love sharing knowledge, so my engagements as a volunteer facilitator is one of my hobbies. Nice to e-meet all of you :hugs:


I am Achukwu Onyinye Jane, I have over 11 years experience as an educationist, I am currently the Documentation Specialist For Wikimedia Foundation Education Team.

I am also the Hub Coordinator for Wikimedians Igbo User Group where I coordinates the Anambra State Hub, Nigeria.

Lastly, I contributes to Wikimedia Foundation through Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Commons and Wiki data etc. Loves networking, travelling and teaching.


Hello…I am Ibrahim an editor in Hausa wikimedia Projects.I am happy to be here…


Bienvenu @Yann. Super de vous avoir ici


Glad that you are here… @Yann


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Hello Everyone Am Shobowale lekan favour by name ,but Favourdare123 as My wiki username.Am From Nigeria.
Is Nice showing up here and reading stories that could inspire you to Want to be part of this Group.

I am an Editor for over A year now,i Joined Wikimedia Foundation last year and Having Over 12 Thousand edits in My global Coordinations.

And am also an upcoming Project lead,Having Hosted two different Project this year:

  • First was Wikimedia Hackathon 2022 in Kwara state,Nigeria(Hosted April - May,2022).

*Second was Wikivibrance_IYD_2022_Celebration_in_Nigeria(To be hosted Sept - October,2022).

Nice sharing this here,as This is the second public Environment i will share this.And am happy to be here and also will love to work towards the Aim and achievement of This Group.

Best Regards,
Shobowale lekan favour.


I am Abu Dhorr Ahsan (nickname: Shahajada)
I am from Bangladesh. My native language is Bangla but I am also good at English (have basic knowledge in Hindi).
I am a new contributor to the movement and trying to be more active and help the movement.
Fun fact is that I am not good at any particular thing so I try to contribute everywhere because by contributing everywhere I might not do much in depth but I have knowledge about that which I may use to help in other sector.
Have me in your prayers :innocent:


Greetings, wonderful team.My name is Esther Nga’nga’.l am a Librarian and Wikipedia editor based in Kenya.l’m really excited to be a part of this movement.