Request to use Discourse Assign to assign posts to MSG team members


Again on the issue of ensuring timely response to posts and questions asked by users on the Forum, may I suggest the use of Discourse Assign to assign posts to MSG team members.

In that case, anyone can assign a topic to the MSG group, and each MSG member will receive a notification. This will ensure people get timely response to their questions and comments from the MSG team.

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This is a request related to the proposal for an #action-needed tag on Suggestions for tags - #37 by Zuz_WMF.

Although the Movement Strategy and Governance team (today responsible for maintaining this forum) can provide staff members that could be assigned to topics, what do you think about adding the category and general moderators as well?

“Assigned” here means that the person must do whatever work to have the topic resolved. It could be directly working on an answer or find someone else who has the answers.

@Tochiprecious @Mrb_Rafi and @Nehaoua curious about your thoughts since you are the current moderators.


نعم، ربط هذا الأمر بالتصنيف والمشرفين يجعل متابعة حللته سهلا


In my opinion, that assigning is a good method as well as adding including all other moderators.


Ok, let’s try this out. It is also a useful experiment to learn more about how to use groups in this forum. We can always fine-tune or revert.

  • Assignable” group created.
  • @Zuz_WMF is the first owner, as proponent of this idea and also as co-lead of the MS Forum project at the Movement Strategy and Governance team. Other owners can be added. Owners are responsible for adding/inviting new members and ensuring the group is functional.
  • Group members can already be assigned to topics. As a test, Zita has been assigned this topic. :slight_smile:
  • Now we need to add members. They can be added manually by the group owners or the admins. They can also be invited ( they can accept or not, and members can leave the group at any time). @Zuz_WMF let us know what you prefer.

There are some features that we could try:

  • Group members, moderators and admins can message @Assignable (if they have trust level 2 and therefore can send private messages). When someone sends a message, group members receive a notification. This can be useful for coordination or support questions. This feature can be disabled.
  • When the #action-needed tag is added to a topic, group members receive a “Tracking” notification. This can be configured to other notification levels, or it can be disabled. Just like any other users, group members not interested in tracking a specific topic can change the notification by clicking the bell icon :bell: at the top right corner of the topic.
  • By default, the assignments are only visible to group members. If desired, these assignments can be made public so that all users see that a topic is assigned.
  • Right now, users receive a weekly reminder of the topics assigned to them. The frequency of these reminders can be changed, and the reminders can be disabled.
  • It is possible to set assignment statuses i.e. “backlog”, “in progress”… This is currently disabled. If we want to enable this, we need to define which statuses are available.
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