(Re)Introducing Movement Strategy - Back to the Basics

I would like to note this new thread below which I have posted today. I consider this a small but hopefully helpful step towards gradually developing the MS forums into a more comprehensive forum resource, which can be of positive use to the community in general. Thanks.

the page below is useful as a summary and overview of the community’s overall discussion of the idea for the MS forum itself.

The purpose of this topic was to update the text on Movement Strategy - Meta, which we have done. If you want to discuss other topics, let’s do it where it corresponds. This helps keeping the forum usable and organized.

ok. I’m totally fine with accepting your input, and your guidance, and with following your advice in every way.

if that’s the case, then might it be possible for you to set up a new thread, which could serve as an umbrella thread here, and where general topics pertaining to Movement Strategy could be discussed?

I’d be fine with however you might prefer to present this. of course, I know that I could create any thread I wish myself, but I think that a thread that you create might be much more likely to get more response, due to your highly-respected role here.

is that something you’d be able to do? I would accept fully any approach that you might prefer to take, in setting up such a thread. could you please let me know, @Qgil-WMF ? thanks for all your efforts!

This is the Movement Strategy Forum and there is a #general category for MS general topics that don’t fit in a more specialized category. If you or anyone has a new topic, you can just create it. Isn’t this better than a single thread combining multiple topics?

Actually, yes; there are many threads which might in their own right be better than a single thread combining multiple topics.


in the spirit of true wiki-ideals, and based upon solidly established past practices, precedent, procedural principles, and proven and popular platforms…

my opinion is that there is a solid basis for establishing one thread to encompass an umbrella topic, meaning the full topical area of movement strategy and/or general principles of Wikipedia, as a broad topical area to be covered by one umbrella thread, to include multiple indvidual ideas, or topics or questions, as part of an ongoing conversation within the realm of that broad umbrella area.

my reason for putting forth this idea is actually quite simple; the Village Pump is already highly useful as a single-page forum,. where multiple discussions take place. yes, you could refer to those separate topics as multiple threads; however, since they all occur on a single page, namely the specific tab at Village Pump, the reader is naturally encouraged to take in all topics on that page, in a glance, or in a single long perusal.

ok, granted that we have a different format here. however, why should we lose some of the incidental benefits of the existing Wikipedia talk forums, such as village pump, merely due to the structural nature of our new platform at MS forums?

I’m obviously not saying to dispense with our threaded format. however, my question is different; why shouldn’t we have one thread that can serve as an umbrella space for a broad topical area, similar to Village Pump, purely as a resource and collaborative space that people can use, IF, and only IF, they find it helpful, or otherwise wish to do so?

we still would have the separate-threads format full available here for use as well, if people so choose. do you see what I mean? that’s my main point on this. thanks.

Pursuant to my idea stated above, I am posting a link below to a thread that I created here a while back, on November 1. this is based on some of the ideas that I have expressed in my comments above. you are welcome to visit this thread, and to use it for any topics that you deem worthwhile. thanks!

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