Program documentation of Wikimedia Summit 2022 published

The documentation of the Wikimedia Summit 2022 program has been published on Meta. The documentation consists of description and summary of each conference session of each of three days and topics to follow up on. Additionally, a short summary of the documentation provides an overview of the topics discussed, and has been translated into 6 languages by our colleagues from the Wikimedia Foundation.

Beyond the documentation of the Summit’s content, we at Wikimedia Deutschland are working on publishing the evaluation of the feedback survey as well as an event report with knowledge learned from organizing Wikimedia’s first global hybrid conference. Organizing the Summit as a hybrid event has been an exciting, but also a challenging experience, and of course there’s much room for improvement. The report will be shared by the end of November via the usual channels.

After the Wikimedia Summit, a variety of opportunities are coming up to continue the conversations and engage in advancing implementation. It’s the Movement’s “conference season”, and Movement Strategy is a scheduled topic at several regional conferences in the upcoming weeks.

In the virtual space, the first round of conversations on the Movement Charter will take place in November. Based on the conversations at the Summit, the Movement Charter Drafting Committee will be collecting feedback on the first drafts of the Charter. More about all of that on Meta.

Happy reading!