Open Climate Talks


Time to have conversations around Environmental sustainability with focus of Climate Change…The alarm bells are deafening and tech enthusiasts need to respond to the call for Climate Action.

Follow up lets talk climate Change


مرحبا الحركة تنظم عدة ورشات وحملات حول البيئة وهو موضوع رئيس فما الجديد الذي يمكننا أن نعمله للمضي قدما تحياتي

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We can start by taking a critical look into the Carbon Footprint Report of the Wikimedia Foundation.


I would love to go on this journey with you. It’s interesting.


There is a lot of Mis/disinformation on Climate Change.This provides a platform for Wikimedians to train more editors to understand and know the gravitas of the climate crisis.To add to that , i also believe we need to bring together all Environmentally concerned Wikimedians to rally the Climate Agenda.There is a concept of Leveraging the Tech space to combat the crisis.
If you are interested we can set up a call. The next topic that i would like us to discuss is the Digital Pollution.


this video seems highly relevant, useful, and informative on this topic.


Thank you so much for this !

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It’s great to see this thread. perhaps we can discuss any possible ideas for editing wikipedia, or adding new entries, in order to expand and to improove our coverage of issues that pertain to climate change, including perhaps various historical events, science data, recent events and meetings, etc.

tagging @Xibitgh , @Nehaoua , @Onyeike_Izuchi , simply to invite their comments and input. thanks.


It’s so great that you are having this conversation: the movement has been coordinating much of the work on climate and sustainability through the Wikimedians for Sustainable Development Group: Wikimedians for Sustainable Development - Meta

Additionally, I wrote a blog post outlining the opportunity that the Wikimedia Movement has around climate action particularly: An Organizer’s Perspective Part III: Wikimedia is a key part of Global Climate and Sustainability Communications. Now is the moment to embrace it. – Diff

But more generally, the open movement has a lot of opportunity to play a role in equitable communication around the climate crises: more accessable, more diverse and more relevant content could be added to Wikimedia Projects: Open Climate Then and Now - Branch

From a more practical perspective, in my volunteer capacity as @Sadads – I have been documenting small editing actions that help fill in gaps around the climate crises on EnWiki: Wikipedia:WikiProject Climate change/Small to medium tasks - Wikipedia


Thank you very much @Sadads for the links. The conversation about Climate Change is on !!