North America (USA & Canada) strategic talk

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EN: This conversation is open to anyone interested in Movement Strategy topics in the context of North America (particularly USA & Canada). You can ask or comment on anything! You are encouraged to do this in your preferred local language. Links to news or discussions relevant to our region are also welcome. You can find more regional topics on #united-states-and-canada

FR: Cette conversation est ouverte à toute personne intéressée par les sujets liés à la Stratégie du Mouvement dans le contexte de l’Amérique du Nord (en particulier les États-Unis et le Canada). Vous pouvez demander ou commenter tout ce que vous voulez ! Vous êtes encouragé.es à le faire dans votre langue préférée. Des liens vers des discussions nouvelles ou pertinentes pour notre région sont également les bienvenus. Vous pouvez trouver d’autres sujets liés à la région sur #united-states-and-canada


One of the current discussions around movement strategy in North America is about creating a Hub for discussions and coordination in the region.

Of course, there was already the WALRUS, which has done a great job of keeping the affiliates in the United States connected and moving in the same direction, and Wikimedia Canada participants are often invited to these as well.

You may also be familiar with WikiConference North America, which is both a yearly conference and a user group serving the region.

It should be noted that Mexico and the Caribbean are typically considered within North America, are also discussed in Latin America and the Caribbean strategy talk.

More recently there have been a couple drafts for a de-centralized hub serving the region:

The latter suggests another aquatic themed acronym - NARWHAL - and here is a brainstorming thread to suggest what the “AL” should stand for)

What do you think about these ideas for a North America hub? There is also an upcoming global event (the third in the series), to discuss the piloting criteria for Hubs. It would be great to have users active in North America to attend and help move these conversations forward.

Feel free to talk about other things related to the movement strategy in North America in this thread as well! We can always split off popular topics into their own post, if needed.


hi @Xeno_WMF , yes, I totally agree. as you know, I feel that we need to set up some sort of nation-based chapter for the USA. this would simply be consistent with other nation-based chapters that already exist for many other countries. I am glad to see you bringing up this suggestion here. thanks.

by the way, I am based in the USA, and also, I am based in NYC, and have attended many of the valuable zoom calls which have been provided by the nyc chapter, as remote meetups. I would be glad to help with or participate in any potential regional hub or chapter, that might be intended for the USA as a whole. thanks.

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Thanks for the input @Sm8900! I also want to test out the poll feature, to help see what people like of the “AL” suggestions. Feel free to suggest additions (not sure if you can add them directly, I will add them if not).

North American Regional Wiki Hub …

  • and Lab
  • and Lounge
  • and List
  • [for] Applied Learning
  • [for] Advanced Learning
  • Preference to “Barnstar Country”

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(Ping @Sj and @Pharos who worked on these concepts)

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by the way, at the risk of sounding nitpicky, let me just say that there does not appear to be any way right now for myself, or any other interested editors, to join the WALRUS group calls, as an ordinary member of the editing community. (tagging @Xeno_WMF , to let them know of this comment. thanks for your initial post above, to open this thread.)

If the WALRUS organizers wish to have closed calls for the purpose of group organizing and planning, then that is FINE. absolutely, totally 100% fine, in all seriousness. I have no objection at all to this group of highly-experienced, highly-active, knowledgeable group of leaders holding some closed calls to organize their plans. such calls will only benefit the community in general. I speak from experience;I have participated in several zoom calls, and these organizers truly do a great job of running such local calls.

my only question, is, why not ALSO hold a general zoom call for the entire WALRUS community, i.e. as a collaborative zoom call which anyone can join? wouldn’t that be of only positive value to anyone who seeks to organize and develop this commendable effort and resource? I would like to suggest this, and ask if such a call could please be convened. sometime in the future is totally fine; this is not urgent at all.

Lastly, let me just reiterate my heartfelt positive regard for the organizers involved in the WALRUS efforts. I have met a few of them in person via zoom calls. they truly offer the kind of expertise and experience which can help our community to develop positively, in a variety of directions. I am glad to express my positive regard for their efforts, and my optimism that we can gain lots of positive benefits from their results.

I would only ask that we please try to create some kind of open-ended form of community calls, remote meetings, now. anything we do in that area will only proceed in incremental steps anyway. may I please ask if perhaps, maybe we could please consider some initial efforts in this area, just to get some things rolling? thanks very much.

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and lastly, let me just also say that, as I have said elsewhere, this illustrates why I value Discourse as a genuine platform for open discussion, of real and positive benefit. there may be other discussions that also serve valuable community purposes, and have positive benefits, but sometimes they can be very difficult for average editors to find.

for the first time, Discourse is giving us a genuine open, transparent, inviting and inclusive community space, forum, and platform, where ideas can be freely offered and discussed. I applaud this platform, and I would like to advocate and recommend its wider use and promotion, if we can find various positive ways to do so. thanks!


Hm, as far as I know the WALRUS calls are open:

You can subscribe to wikimediaus-l or just check the public archive for the Zoom link. Usually they occur on a Monday, at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific.

Hope to see you there!

@Xeno_WMF , thanks! somehow it seems I missed that, or maybe I didn’t find that page. your link is very helpful. i will take a look. thanks!

@Xeno_WMF , how about “North American Regional Wiki Hub…” and “Alliance of Liaisons”? or else, “Associated Liaisons”?

“Liaison”= could be maybe a term for all the facilitators, local leaders, editors, etc who seek to connect mmebers of the general public with the Wikipedia community. just a thought!!

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Good suggestions, though I’m now realizing that you only have 5 minutes to change the poll options :blush:

I wanted to highlight a recently approved grant request (mentioned here) by Wikitongues (an organization based in this region that supports broad language diversity) in partnership with the proposed Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub.

The grant request seeks to “help launch or accelerate 10 mother-tongue Wikimedia projects”.

I can see this being of particular interest to Wikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages User Group as there are many languages in this region that could benefit from this support!

Please spread the word about this exciting opportunity. This map may help you to identify languages spoken in your area.

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Este projeto é maravilhoso mesmo @Xeno_WMF. E tenho certeza que as comunidades brasileiras (vista a diversidade de linguas indígenas presentes no território) poderiam se beneficiar muito de algo assim. Não sou especialista no assunto, mas vou tentar difundir para promover a iniciativa/inspirar, e quem sabe chegar às pessoas certas.

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Save the date! I had the opportunity to attend the July SWAN meeting where it was shared that WikiConference North America 2022 is likely to take place on or about November 11 and 12. This year’s conference will be in collaboration with OpenStreetMap, another collaborative project and will likely also have support from Hacks/Hackers and WikiCred.

Grant funding may be available to support interpretation. There may also be local in-person events in a hybrid style. Much is still to be determined.

What types of sessions would you like to see at this year’s WCNA?

(I’m excited about the teaser about an in-person event in Toronto!)