New Forum sidebar and notifications menu

Three weeks ago, the Discourse team release a new sidebar and notification menus. The intention behind these features is to offer an easy way to stay on top of what is most important to you. The new sidebar can easily be customized to follow your preferred categories and tags. The new notifications menu lets you decide which notifications deserve your attention now and which ones can be dismissed or saved for later.

See the announcement:

Do you like these improvements? Please share your feedback, questions, and emoji reactions.


फोरम के लिए यह साइडबार काफी अच्छा रहेगा।


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Love it. Sidebars to all!


It is a great thing and easy to use too. :slight_smile:


This sidebar is now giving me a mediawiki mediawiki feeling :smiley:


لاحظته واحببته، عملي جدا


the new sidebar seems very helpful and valuable. thanks for providing these new features.

just one or two technical questions:

  1. I used to be able to click on various column headings, for the threads, to see all threads listed in order by quantity of replies, or quantity of views, etc. this feature no longer seems to be available. is there any way to restore this?

  2. I like the new inbox link, on the left side. I was going to ask about the “sent” folder, but now I see it is totally visible, once you click on the inbox. thanks.


For your 1st question, I think you’re still able to see it in the “landing page,” right? (AKA “Everything” in the top of the sidebar) Is this the view you’re referring to?

Is great to have a sidebar now that WMF has decided to delete the one we have at Wikimedia projects.

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