New from WMF development: new menu for page tools, lots of other new technical features

  • New page tools menu.
    • It allows for a separation between navigation related to the entire wiki and tools related to a specific page. In the first group there are, for example, Main page and Random page. In the second group there are, for example, What links here, Related changes, and Cite this page. The new menu also collects the page-specific tools in a single menu. Before, some of these links were the main menu (sidebar) or in the More menu (next to History). Our goal is to make it easier for new readers and editors to understand what these links do. Users also may pin and unpin the new menu. More information is available on the project page.

    • Making this change also has the benefit of showing the table of contents further up the page. Now, people need to scroll down to see the table of contents more rarely. This is one of the concerns we’ve been hearing over the last couple of days and hope this addresses it.

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more on this.