MS as framework not framing *(about categories and/or more)

I would like to see Forum topics grow freely without fixed MS framing, not because I have something against it, but because *(almost) anything in Wikimedia could fit in 2030 Movement Strategy *(though not with same priority/urgency)…

It would be good to see MS as framework that can be applied in the process and not at the beginning of articulation as that limits it to ‘commissioned’/‘subsidized’ forms that fit MS frames.

In practice single initiative can fit more then one MS Recommendation, also this might not be very clear at the very start which one is most adequate…hence using Recommendations as categories should be a dynamic option.

The use of the MS recommendations as the main MS Forum categories is based on the idea that we are in the MS implementation phase, and this implementation is structured around these recommendations. This way, when someone starts a new topic, it should be easier to see how that topic contributes to implementing that recommendation.

This was the idea. If you or anyone else has other ideas to structure the main categories of the forum, please share them.

In practice single initiative can fit more then one MS Recommendation

No matter the criteria to define categories, it will always happen that some topics fall more than in one category. Given the functionality of this forum, each topic must be in one category, and it can be only in one. This is different with tags, which are as flexible as it gets.

So in practice, to get more flexibility MS recommendations as Forum categories would needed to be remade in tags…OK that sounds like a lot of non-urgent work. Maybe later.