Movement Strategy initiative #21: Safety assessment and execution plan

Develop a safety assessment and execution plan

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Providing for Safety and Inclusion involves understanding the safety needs of the Movement and developing a plan to respond to those needs. The needs assessment will consist of a research phase. Based on the research, a plan can be designed to improve safety across the movement. Some of the outputs of this plan could include: providing therapy support, offering legal assistance, and reacting to political unrests in certain regions.

  • Research and develop an adaptable safety assessment and execution plan, as well as rapid response and support infrastructure. This would ensure that on- and offline contributors have available resources ready and accessible to mitigate the harm caused by their Wikimedia activities, including:
    • psychological support (e.g., therapists, counselors, mediators),
    • technical support (e.g., anonymization mechanisms),
    • legal assistance (e.g., list of partner lawyers, facilitation of legal representation at a local level),
    • a fast-track escalation path in life-threatening situations,
    • procedures for reacting to large scale challenges, such as socio-political unrest and environmental threats,
    • training and opportunities to raise awareness and build response capacity for community safety and conflict management.

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