Movement Strategy Implementation Lightning Talks at Wikimania

In this session, practical examples of what Movement Strategy looks like will be demonstrated through the presentation made by speakers on the Movement Strategy Project they are working on. The speakers for tomorrow’s session (August 11 at 10:35-11:25 UTC) are: Toni Ristovski (Shared Knowledge), @IvanaMadzarevic (Wikimedia Serbia), and @Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL

In preparation for tomorrow’s session, is it alright if I asked all speakers to introduce themselves here?

And everyone is welcome to share their expectations and questions for the speakers here.


Hi, I am Toni Ristovski (user:Ehrlich91), started with Wikipedia with one small edit about some German city in 2010. Afterwards, I started actively to edit on Wikipedia and at this point I have more than 11000 articles created and many more contributions on Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata. From 2013, I am also an admin on Macedonian Wikipedia, and from 2014 I am cofounder of user group Shared Knowledge in Macedonia, where I serve as a Board Member and Treasurer. I am also coordinator of Shared Knowledge about CEE Spring and WikiGap initiatives in Macedonia. With so many roles, Wikipedia is an important part of my life, dedicating a lot of my free time as a volunteer. I am also really proud that along with other members, we are aiming to document all Macedonian villages and thus documenting cultural and natural heritage of my country.


Yes absolutely @Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL and @IvanaMadzarevic please feel free to share more about yourselves and even snippets of what you’ll be sharing tomorrow

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Hi everyone! My name is Natalia, and I am the Community Team Manager in Wikimedia Poland. Which means I take care of the amazing Wikimedia community in Poland, making sure that is has everything it needs to grow, and thrive and make the world better, one edit at a time. I have been a staff member of WMPL since 2014 but I have been a part of the movement for much, much longer. I made my first edit in 2008, while learning to an exam and I instantly became amazed by the idea of sharing knowledge. I have become a Wikipedia admin, I was two times elected to plwiki ArbCom. I write articles about notable women, mostly related to cinema (especially early cinema pioneers!) and literature.

I love being a part of the movement and both in my professional and private role, I care deeply about how we, in the movement, connect and communicate, how we collaborate, share skills and knowledge and support each other. For the last 2 years I have been specifically focusing on burnout in the movement and my project is also related to that.

It would be a joy to talk to you all about it!


Hi everyone, my name is Ivana Madžarević and I work at Wikimedia Serbia as Program and Community Manager since 2014. My work is similar as Natalia’s, so it’s focused on helping community with onboarding, but also supporting those who have been involved in the movement for years now. That means organizing projects and events with the goal of networking and exchanging knowledge between them. I’ve been dealing with strategic planning for the organization as well and during today’s session I’ll share with you example of our great collaboration with Wikimedia Deutschland within Wikimedia UNLOCK Accelerator. UNLOCK Accelerator is gathering new ideas and projects with the goal of unlocking the innovation and trying to involve new partners outside of the movement in order to get better results. Today we’ll share what we have learned so far and what challenges we faced.


Hi, I’m Mia and part of the UNLOCK Accelerator project team. I share the links from the presentation with you here:

Project website: UNLOCK Accelerator - UNLOCK your ideas - Wikimedia Accelerator

This years projects: UNLOCK 2022: New ideas addressing knowledge equity – Diff

Stay up to date here:


And here is also the link to the collaboration with Impact Hub Belgrade: UNLOCK joins forces with Impact Hub Belgrade and Wikimedia Serbia for its 3rd edition - Wikimedia


@Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL, I absoultely loved your short presentation in Wikimania just now. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. Addressing burnout in our movement is crucial in my opinion. Looking forward to following your project closer. :clap:


A huge thanks to @Ehrlich91 , @Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL , @IvanaMadzarevic , @Kannika_Thaimai_WMDE , @Kiril_Simeonovski and everyone who joined us!

Also thanks to the internal team @CKibelka_WMF @CSinha_WMF @Zuz_WMF @TCappelletto_WMF for working behind the scenes to make sure we had a smooth outing!


If you missed today’s Movement Strategy Lightning talk at Wikimania, no need to worry. Another episode will be hosted on Friday, Aug 12 at 23:50 UTC, featuring speakers: @LPiantá_WMB @Douglaseru and @XenoF
Speakers, please feel free to share more about yourselves and even snippets of what you’ll be sharing tomorrow.

Everyone please share your expectations or questions for the speakers ahead of the session here.


Hi, I’m Flavia Doria (XenoF), I’m a journalist and wikimedist and I go by the pronouns she, her. I am Brazilian, currently living in Portugal, and I started editing on Wikipedia in early 2020 with the informal user group Wiki Editoras LX of which I am now one of the organizers. In this voluntary work, we work to decrease the gender gap (with a interectional approuach) in the content and in the community of editors in Lusophony.

I also work for the Wikimedia Foundation as Ambassador for the Structured Data project and I am a member of the Leadership Development Working Group.

I enjoy being involved in all kinds of work that helps decentralize our movement, focusing on the needs of groups that are marginalized in one way or another.


Recording of 11 August session is now up on YouTube:


Hello everyone! I’m Lucas Piantá, from Brazil.

I’ve been a volunteer wikimedian since 2018, and became a member of Wiki Movimento Brazil in 2021. Since then, I’ve been working on the implementation of the Movement Strategy within the lusophone community. My first work at WMB was a research on equity in decision making and governance - our main goal was to find challenges and possibilities for the implementation of a lusophone hub - and I’m currently working on the development of calibra, a capacity building project for Brazilian Wikimedians to better implement the Movement Strategy. I’ll be talking about the challenges and learnings of these initiatives today, hope you find it interesting!

I’m currently having my masters degree in theory of history, researching on Paulista Museum’s GLAM-Wiki initiative, and, as a volunteer, I’m a member of LATAM and The Caribbean regional committee.



thanks for the link to the great Movement Strategy lighting talks, that was broadcast yesterday. great work! looks terrific!!


@TCappelletto_WMF thank you, it is great to read this! I agree that this is an important aspect of wiki-work and I hope I will be able to contribute (at least a little bit!) to addressing burnout in the movement. I will make sure to share all my findings and activities. Thank you for attending the session!


Here we are again, live at Wikimania. We have just started.
If you are interested in Movement Strategy Implementation, come listen to community members sharing about their projects:
Wikimania 2022 Day 3 Tent 2 - Session 2 - YouTube


A big THANK YOU to @LPiantá_WMB @Douglaseru and @XenoF for sharing their wealth of experience working on tangible Movement Strategy projects!

A big thank you as well to @CKibelka_WMF @CSinha_WMF @Zuz_WMF @TCappelletto_WMF for the support throughout the session!


And two more of the recordings has been uploaded as well: