Movement Charter Drafting Committee: Call for Advisors

What is the Call for Advisors about? 

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC) is working on the sections of the Movement Charter by splitting into Drafting Groups, each focusing on specific subjects. The MCDC invites individuals with relevant expertise, particularly those who are familiar with the MCDC’s work, to support with insights based on their experience and institutional knowledge. Individuals with expertise from the broader open knowledge movement gained from outside the Wikimedia movement are also encouraged to reach out. The advisors are expected to collaborate with the Drafting Groups and Sub-committee members, who are developing specific chapters of the Charter.

You can share your willingness and availability with us through any of the identified communications channels below. Interested people once selected will join the Drafting groups and/or Sub-committees in the role of an advisor. All selected advisors, working at various stages will be non-voting members. 

Why is the MCDC announcing the Call for Advisors? 

While the MCDC members themselves come from different backgrounds and have expertise in various fields, the call for advisors is expected to connect the diverse experiences with acquired knowledge to prepare a well-informed document for advanced review by the communities. The complementary information gained through the advisors is expected to enhance the composition of the Drafting Groups.

The ways of engagement of an advisor will be designed by each Drafting Group. It may vary from meeting at regular intervals to engaging in asynchronous work contributions and may extend up to supporting the Drafting Groups with reference material. This will also depend on the field of expertise, nature, and scope of the chapter. The details will be discussed and agreed upon based on each individual’s knowledge and availability before starting the formal engagement. 

The Committee consists of the following Drafting Groups:

  • Preamble 
  • Values & Principles
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Global Council 
  • Hubs 
  • Decision-Making 

And Sub-committees: 

  • Communications sub-committee
  • Research sub-committee
  • Ratification sub-committee.

How can you apply? 

Interested people should complete the advisory application form by indicating their area of expertise and in what way(s) they can support the Drafting Groups or the sub-committees. We expect to receive your support throughout the drafting process. For the current phase, advisors are invited to contact the MCDC by the end of May 2023. With the advancement of work, the asks around engagement for advisors joining at different intervals might vary. 

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message to people interested in collaborating with the MCDC.

If you have any questions, please email:

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FYI if you had a similar question about the Research sub-committee.

Question: What exactly does the research sub-committee do at this stage of the process?

Response: Essentially there are 2 research projects ongoing for the MCDC:

➼ We are pulling together content from the previous discussions around the Charter topics in the movement with the MSG team. We have completed the Phase II overview and continue with other materials. Initial report has been shared with the Roles and Responsibilities drafting group and we continue surfacing that content as other groups progress with drafting.

➼ We are looking into a research project regarding lessons learned from INGOs and other similar movements. There was an initial research completed reviewing some of the existing bylaws / charters for them, but this project would cast the net more widely across the field of roles & responsibilities. There is not decision made how to proceed with this particular project, yet the discussions are ongoing.


I would like to be kept posted, on any updates or developments in this process. thanks.


I have submitted an application. looking forward to further development, and community discussion. thanks for this valuable post! :slight_smile: