Let's Connect Research Fund Clinic - have a good research idea?

:point_right:Who is this Learning Clinic for? This specific clinic is directed at Wikimedia affiliates or organised groups that are interested in learning more about the Research Fund. Please register here to participate: https://forms.gle/jQ7yKjyqp8jcbA4CA

:point_right:What for? Have you ever wanted to know more about how to fund a Research idea related to Wikimedia? What if you have a research idea but don’t quite know what type of partnerships or proposal you should make?

In this learning clinic, Emily from the Research team will explain the upcoming research fund round, the criteria to participate, some examples of ongoing research grants, as well as some tips and recommendations when applying. It is also useful for affiliates that do not have current research ideas, but may want to explore this in the future with their network of mission-aligned partners (such as research groups, universities, NGO’s, etc).

:point_right:What will happen? Emily will present the Fund and respond to open questions. The 1.5-hour session will be followed by 1:1 conversations in 15-minute slots for those wanting to explore their ideas or questions in more detail.

:point_right:French and Spanish interpretations are available if needed (depending on registration)


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