[Learning Clinic] 🎈 Let's Connect Learning Clinic: Developing education initiatives through Wikimedia partnerships: the case of WMCO

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What is the focus of the session?

This session is oriented to sharing experiences of alliances and collaborations for implementing Wikimedia initiatives in local contexts. Specifically, it will present WMCO’s experience in developing the Reading Wikipedia initiative in its territory and will put a special focus on the development of strategic alliances with various relevant actors, including the Wikimedia Foundation and the Colombian Ministry of Education.

What can you expect to learn during this session?

  • Participants will be able to identify key components for promoting strategic alliances and collaborations to develop Wikimedia educational initiatives in their local contexts.
  • From the WMCO experience, participants will learn about the challenges and opportunities for the chapter in implementing strategic alliances with key national stakeholders.
  • Finally, participants will be able to learn how the Wikimedia Foundation can support the development of local initiatives.

What do I need to prepare for the session?

It is not mandatory to prepare anything; however, you can review the following supplementary material to arrive at more information for the session:

Read the key aspects of the Reading Wikipedia initiative.

Read the initial reflection about the implementation of the program in Colombia.