Leadership Development Working Group: share ideas, resources, questions with the group

The Leadership Development Working Group was recently formed. The group was formed to move forward community conversations and ideas about leadership development in a globally coordinated way. The group is directly responding to the Invest in Skill and Leadership Development recommendation. You can learn more about the group members on the Leadership Development Working Group Meta-Wiki page.

Would you like to share anything with the group (ideas, resources, questions, etc.)?


Hi everyone,

As you might know the Leadership Development Working Group (LDWG) is collecting leadership resources on the Meta page here. Thought of re-sharing it here and to invite you all to add and share any movement leadership initiatives or resources.

You may share links to articles, books, research papers as well initiatives within the movement from your local context so we can learn from the experiences of each other.


@AAkhmedova_WMF, it is great to see this public showcase by researcher Tripodi in here. I had the opportunity to watch it live and HIGHLY recommend to those who want to understand Wikipedia editing context for women+.

In my perspective, a lot has been done in our movement around developing editing skills for women+, but very little around leadership development for local and global governance; in fact, the gap between female and male admins in Wikipedias globally is even higher than the one among regular editors. Also, peer mentoring among the operating gender gap thematic user groups could be something interesting to look at.

But then I’ll share something that may seem contradictory to the above, just to make things even more complex :face_with_hand_over_mouth: The other day chatting with @Scann_WDU, she shared two very interesting [1][2] articles around this matter with me. One of them [1] called my attention especially because it highlights that even if the gender gap persists among editors and content (10-15%), the gender gap is lower in the movement when it comes to organizing. And that may be a good lens to use when defining our leadership strategies.

(cc: @Andi_Inácio, acho que você vai se interessar por esta conversa e referências :eyes:).

[1] Nuestras tareas no caben en sus métricas: por otra forma de contar a las mujeres en Wikipedia | GenderIT.org
[2] La brecha de género en Wikipedia: repensar nuestras intervenciones | GenderIT.org


If you are interested, register here by 17:00 UTC September 16 for a Community Hour session organized by Art and Feminism User Group, where Isabelle Langrock (conducted together with Sandra González-Bailón ) will share more about the research that evaluates the work of Art+Feminism and another feminist edit-a-thon, 500 Women Scientists, in closing Wikipedia’s gender gap.

[…] if you keep clicking links on Wikipedia pages, you are much less likely to end up on a biography of a woman artist than a male artist. Links are a vital way for connecting information across Wikipedia and this inequality can have ripple effects across the wider Internet.

For more information, please check their webpage.

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Post Art+Feminism Community Hours: Research: Closing Wikipedia’s Gender Gap(s)?
Link to Youtube in EN:

Link to Youtube in FR:


Hello @AAkhmedova_WMF I am new in the movement but am curious about LDWG so can I also join or contribute to it?? I do not have much to share but can contribute in other ways or maybe help :grin:.


Hello @ShahajadaSJ7!

This is really great, we need more and more enthusiastic volunteers in the movement like you.
Of course, you can help the LDWG in their leadership-related works, to be involved, please sign your name here in the ‚ÄúSign up for future update‚ÄĚ part.

The LDWG will reach out to you later.

To know more about the group, please visit this page.