Language Diversity Hub

:left_speech_bubble: The Language Diversity Hub is here to support the contributors to new and small language versions of Wikipedia and other Wiki projects. :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

:wave: In this category we invite you to share challenges and also how you have solved them, so others can learn from you. We are very interested in seeing that people share ideas and initiatives that are being done to support smaller or new language communities. We created this category to provide a place for sharing, and also to give updates from the Language Diveristy Hub work in a way that is easy accessible in many languages.

:lotus: This category is particularly focusing on small language communities and new language versions of Wiki-projects.

:lotus: When sharing information in this topic, it is very useful to give more context to your language community so that those who respond can see a bigger picture. Context can be about geographical location, amount of speakers, digital presence of language or other relevant information.

:lotus: This category is needed to get a space for discussing the challenges and topics that are more relevant for smaller language communities, and language communities/users new to the Wiki-movement.

:star_struck: We encourage everyone to be at their best, supporting, encouraging and welcoming all contributors in this category.