💡 Ideas, suggestions and recommendations for Movement Strategy Implementation Projects

There are many potential Movement Strategy project ideas. Sometimes we need a little support to strengthen these ideas and bring them to reality.

Do you have an idea that you would like to share with the community? Share those ideas here.

You can also support ideas that are shared with some comments, feedback and suggestions.


Requesting for support to strengthen a project plan

@daSupremo is the Co-founder for the Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community. They are planning to apply for a grant to introduce more people to translate articles to Ghanaian Pidgin on Translatewiki. They are also looking to introduce new more editors to the movment by doing this.

They request ideas, tools, examples and direct support for building out the project and grant application. Please share your thoughts and suggestions here in the chat for @daSupremo and the Ghanaian Pidgin Wikimedians Community