How to have two events in the forum for LDWG Community Call Invitation

Thanks for creating the post and event :star_struck: @Mrb_Rafi! Looking foward to joining you.

Maybe you could duplicate the post (copy/paste the information and rename with event dates) to make sure we get one event per date? I mean, I’ll attend the 29th and would love to take advantage of the notifications generated by the events feature here. I guess this is the best option here, but I’m copying @Qgil-WMF as he has been experimenting with events and may confirm my suggestion.

Also, a small headsup: maybe the timestamps need to be fixed? It’s giving me a strange time conversion. Thanks again!


Hi @TCappelletto_WMF !

Thanks a lot for dropping your thoughts here. Regarding the second call event, what I’ll do is, update the first call event with the second call details immediately after the first call ends. I need to do this because I can’t add two events to the same post. Creating two posts will again divide the readers and create confusion. So, after the 22 October call ends, I’ll update the event with the second call details.

And I’m not sure what’s the issue with the timing of this event. Isn’t the event showing 15 UTC here? @Qgil-WMF do you have any idea?

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Oh, I see what you mean @Mrb_Rafi regarding keeping all the comments under one single post. Maybe there is a way of creating just the event and closing the comments in that second post? :thinking: Hopefully @Qgil-WMF will be able to answe that.

Regarding the time, the issue is not with the UTC time, which is very clear in your post :grinning: Instead, it’s with the timestamp (See your local time here) conversion. Could you click it yourself to have a look? I’m based in Lisbon (UTC+1) but it’s giving me a very strange conversion for the hours of both dates.


Thanks a lot for finding that, @TCappelletto_WMF!

I’m not sure what happened but I’ve changed the link now. Is it working??


A conversão de hora está funcionando perfeitamente agora, obrigada, @Mrb_Rafi!


About having one topic or two, @Mrb_Rafi had discussed the approach privately and I suggested the approach being taken here. Thinking further after @TCappelletto_WMF 's feedback, maybe this option would be better:

  1. Have one post for each event, two in total.
  2. As soon as this first event ends, move all the comments to the second one, so that we end up having all the conversation in one place. (I believe this also moves the notification levels for each participant, but I’m not sure.)

No matter what, I will move away all these comments about Forum details, so that the event can start with comments about the LDWG without this “noise”.

What do you think? :heavy_plus_sign: or :heavy_minus_sign: ?

@Mrb_Rafi: will LDWG use the Shared Edits feature for live note-taking on the forum?!

I haven’t experimented with the Shared Edits feature in any meeting to take live notes. We can ofc experiment, I’m not sure how that would work. If that is more efficient than the other media, we’ll definitely use it.

And, @Qgil-WMF, should I copy-paste and create another similar post for the second call?

Yes, please. And apologies for my contradicting feedback when you asked a week ago. :grimacing:

I am moving all these posts about Discourse logistics to a separate topic.

This is a Shared Edits post that can be edited collaboratively. If you do use it tomorrow for notes, we can move it to LDWG Community Call Invitation after the meeting. And if you find it interesting, you can have a Shared Edits post enabled on the second topic already.

@Mrb_Rafi @Nehaoua in fact, I don’t know whether category moderators can enable this feature in posts under their category. Can you try, please? If you can, this is how it works:

  1. Create a new comment or go to any existing one.
  2. Click the three dots at the bottom right. ...
  3. Click the wrench icon. :wrench:
  4. Click “Make wiki”
  5. Click “Enable Shared Edits”.
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Tested, but Only for my posts and reply and in My moderated category tools give me only “Add Staff Notice”

@Qgil-WMF Sorry for my delay

As the meeting is just tomorrow, I think instead of creating two separate posts for two events, just updating the post would be better. If I had enough time in hand, we could try this and definitely, this experience will really help everyone in the future to arrange multiple series events.

and regarding shared notetaking feature, LDWG has already created etherpad links and communicated them with the communities. I will definitely keep the shared edit feature in mind from the next time. The first thing that needs to consider is, no one has ever tried taking live notes during the meeting, so the participation rate would be an issue. I will tell the LDWG to use the wiki post feature to take live notes experimentally and then the group together will decide.


@Nehaoua all users can turn their own posts into “Wiki Post”. My question about is about “Shared Edits”, which goes one level further allowing wiki posts to be collaboratively edited in real time. By your answers I deduce that no, only general moderators have this ability. Good to know.