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This is a very good initiative but how do we join, and how would the program work?, is it inform of a training? There are so many topics lined out under the project which will really help build the leadership capacity of a volunteer in the movement. I am a community leader and I am interested,


Hi @Semmy1960 thank you for asking these really good questions. The Invest in Skills and leadership development category is one of the recommendations of the movement strategy. It is one area you can choose to focus your work in. Under this recommendation or category, there are several initiatives which are being implemented by various stakeholders including:

From your question, it seems to me that you are more interested in the Leadership Development working group initiative. You could support this initiative by sharing your story as a leader here and also contributing to this discussion. I hope my response was useful. If not, please let me know if you have any further questions.


excellent questions. I want to add my agreement to these great questions above, and also my thanks for the informative reply.I would like to note that the thread mentioned above, which Semmy linked to, did not get any actual replies, so I’m glad that this topic could proceed further here. thanks!

Hi @semmy1960, This is great!

I must appreciate your proactivity and enthusiasm, which we always seek in our movement leaders. We believe that our movement is in the right hands!

This Movement Strategy Recommendation is a huuuuuuuge idea actually, which suggests that we should invest in skill and leadership development to make wikimedia as an essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge within 2030. A lot of wikimedia activists, affiliates and non-affiliate groups around the whole wikimediaverse are working according to the recommendation. There are a lot of projects and events under this heading.

You can also start a project keeping this recommendation in mind and receive a grant for this; Read more here. The Capacity Exchange Initiative is one of the projects that is being supported by this grant.

One organized activity is the formation of the “Leadership Development Working Group” [1], [2], [3].

I’m one of the happy members there!

The group has set its goal to 1. Prepare a definition of the leadership in the movement, 2. Prepare a leadership development plan, and 3. Guide the leadership development plan! According to the latest monthly update, our definition is almost ready to show our community members for review! All these updates can be found here.

I’ll regularly share all the updates from the group in this thread. Keep following the thread for the fresh updates!

And as stated in the group’s monthly update, we’ll share our draft leadership definition with the community for review within a while. I’ll share the draft in the MS forum too!

And please please please, share your story of leadership in the mentioned thread. Trust me, your story will really encourage and help us formulate the idea of the movement’s leadership!