Ghanaian volunteers in Crises

Dear Wikimedians,
A lot is going on now. In this current economic hardship, volunteers from our part of the world are going through a lot of difficulties (mentally, financially and emotionally) , and having to keep up with contributions in these times is hard when we are struggling to keep up with our basic needs.

My engagements with other volunteers within my network reveals that we share the same sentiments.

I want to inquire on what the Wikimedia Foundation can do to support volunteers in this time of need.

Ghana’s economy is in crises and is currently the second to worse performing currency globally leading to extreme inflation on goods.

Volunteers in Ghana are gradually revoking their love for Wikimedia projects and unfortunately this is not by choice.
What can be done to support committed volunteers in this tough era?
The future is uncertain for many of us and we wish something can be done by the Wikimedia Foundation to support us.


@NanaYawBotar thanks for raising this. Ghanaian volunteers are really going through a lot. Times are hard now and no one knows what lies ahead. Prices of goods and services keeps changing by the minute. We need help and support.


Unfortunately this is a hard truth!


Hi @NanaYawBotar, Indeed, times are hard!

On the issue of what can be done to support committed volunteers in difficult situations, I do not have the right answer. But I wanted to share with you some resources in case you find them useful:


Hi @NanaYawBotar,

It’s quite unfortunate the situation we find ourselves in world over. The inflation is biting hard by each day.

I would advice you review the resources shared by @Zuz_WMF on the initiatives from India and Indonesia community to leverage on in finding solace.

Best wishes

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Thanks for the shared resources. I will take a look at them.

Thanks for sharing