Discussing Incubator policies and practices here?

I just realized that my (re)post of OPINION: Montenegrin Wikipedia (Incubator:Wp/cnr) – to be or not to be? *(text from CEE newsletter) was the first post on the topic of Incubator operations. Now I wonder if there is benefit from discussing Incubator policies and practices here? I think there is due to language translation and higher accessibility for beginners, but If no one is using Incubator here maybe first outreach should happen there and on Meta? Maybe even general outreach via DIFF and mailing lists?

我現在擔憂的是,Movement Strategy Forum 的討論熱度似乎沒有如過去頻繁了。

Movement Strategy Forum 藉由機器翻譯進行討論是一個非常好的功能。假若有很多不同背景的人在此處討論,那麼與其他地方相比,這邊理論上可以獲得更加多元的意見(而不僅僅是具有特定語言優勢者的發言)。


I fully agree and still try to use + bring new users and think of new models of using.
Initial scope was narrow and I hope it can be opened up.
Love that we can have this exchange :slight_smile: here.

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