Better acronym?

Can we find a short-name for the code of conduct that is easier to pronounce?
WC, CWC, C³, …

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I believe that UCoC seems like a good acronym. It is even quite comfortable to translate to other languages. In Polish it shortens to “PZP” (from “Poszechcne Zasady Postępowania”)

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hm, maybe still not perfect. how about “Rules of Conduct”?

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I want to point out that while having another acronym may potentially be good in English, the concept of having another acronym actually makes no difference for some languages, Mandarin for example. I will have to call the UCoC 通用行為準則 regardless of the acronym. However, there is a risk of changing an acronym that has already been known widely. In Mandarin-speaking communities, when people discuss 通用行為準則 people may also just refer to it as UCoC. I’m afraid changing it for another acronym may potentially generate confusion.


I agree that UCoC is indeed a good acronym. Changing it to anything else which cannot be easily linked to its full name may create confusion. Also, the name “Universal Code of Conduct” has gained widespread use, with UCoC being used across all pages as its only acronym, so it can be safely said that people have already got used to it.