[Announcements] Funded Movement Strategy Implementation Grants (MSIG)

Movement Strategy Implementation Plan for Hausa communities

This project was recently granted to the Hausa Wikimedians User Group.

The initiative targeted for this project is initiative 31 - Global approach for local skill development - gathering data, matching peers, mentorship, recognition. It will be implemented by a team led by @Em-mustapha

This is a research and needs assessment project that will work to identify the barriers to effective leadership and skills development within the Hausa, Fulfulde and Kanuri communities. The project team will collect data on volunteer needs and priorities and map out plans to address the challenges that these language communities face.

Congratulations to the project team, and wishing them a truly fruitful research and needs assessment process.


Welcoming Newcomers Research Initiatives

This is a project granted recently to a project team led by @Marcmiquel. The initiative targeted for this project is Initiative 9 - Methodology to improve the Wikimedia platform UX research, design, testing, and community engagement. #improve-user-experience

Marc will be developing research and tools to design more effective initiatives to welcome newcomers. The research will focus on areas that have a potential for high impact,which have been supported by previous research, but are currently not prioritized. The outputs of this research are expected to contribute to the growth of Wikimedia communities by offering scalable solutions on more effective ways to welcome newcomers.

Are you wondering how to tackle issues of editor retention in your community? Reach out to the project team to exchange ideas.

Congratulations to this project team, as we look forward to the findings of this research!


Wikitongues - Content Gaps Research Project

This is a project granted recently to Wikitongues , and is a collaborative effort with the Language Diversity Hub

The project team is being led by @Bogreudell alongside @Mali_Brødreskift_WMNO and @Jon_Harald_Søby_WMNO. The initiative targeted for this project is Initiative 37: Bridging content gaps.

The objective of this project is to pilot a cohort model for onboarding new language communities to Wikimedia. Much like the Wikitongues Language Revitalization Accelerator. This project will provide training, small grants and in-kind support to the leaders of 10 new mother-tongue Wikimedia projects, such as new language versions of Wikipedia, Commons documentation projects, or lexicon projects on Wiktionary.

The overarching objective is evaluating how Wikimedia projects can be made more accessible in under-resourced languages, and in turn, understanding the extent to which Wikimedia projects can accelerate language revitalization. At the end of the cohort process, the team will translate the project learnings and tools into a freely available toolkit for anyone to add their language to Wikimedia. This document will serve as the foundation for Wikitongues and the Language Diversity Hub to support new mother-tongue Wikimedia projects on an ongoing basis, at scale.

Please join me in congratulating this team as they now set things into motion. #identify-topics-for-impact


Educational Material for Movement Strategy: Creation and Translation

This is a project granted to a project team led by @XenoF. This is a special package grant that further advances the knowledge equity piece of the Movement Strategy 2030 Strategic Direction.

This project is working to address the lack of knowledge of the Portuguese-speaking community about the Movement Strategy by taking advantage of the current drive by more experienced members organized in groups and projects to educate the community on Movement Strategy and the Implementation Grants. The didactic materials created through this project will be adaptable to other contexts and regions seeking to train communities on how to better engage on Movement Strategy.

Are you looking to increase awareness of and Movement Strategy engagements within your community? Reach out to this project team to exchange ideas.

Congratulations to @XenoF as we look forward to the impact of this work and the materials that many will be able to take advantage of as well!


Thanks Yop for the mention! I am very happy about this project and for all the recognition and understanding of the Movement Strategy that each community has its specific needs and are at different levels of learning.

I also wanted to make myself available to any volunteers who would like to talk more about the project or similar projects!


Thank you @YPam_WMF for opportunity to contribute to hub conversations through our research work. We have begun a topic thread where we will be sharing our thoughts, updates and also holding conversations concerning our research topic.


That is awesome @Amoaniwaa !

So nice of you @XenoF!! I got some snippets of how things went, would you mind sharing some thoughts on the overall project in the #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development section?

I believe there’s much for people to learn!

thanks for replying here. I have been noticing that in the weekly data for “USERS,” many WMF staff actually have zero visits to this forum for the entire WEEK; which of course means zero topics read, zero replies, and zero participation. So it is quite encouraging to see some WMF staff actually starting to show up here again, and participating. So I truly appreciate your replies above. thanks.

@Sm8900 thanks for the vote of confidence! Like many colleagues, we are trying to ensure that a good balance is struck between “leading” the conversation and “enabling” for the conversations to happen. The forum is a space for movement-wide inter-language conversations around movement strategy so everyone is meant to be heard and seen (no group or individual should dominate at the expense of others). This of course includes everyone in the movement as well as Foundation staff. I look forward to seeing this balance happening organically as the forum grows and conversations, topics and threads increase too!


Great Initiative of bringing the EAC together in pursuit of expanding free knowledge


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Recently funded with a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant, Scientific methodology for Wikimedians is a project lead by wikimedian @Michel_Bakni focused on recommendation 6 #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development and initiative 34 “Skill development infrastructure”.
Congratulations! :tada:

If you are interested to learn more about the project or happen to be working on a similar activity, please feel free to have a look at the proposal linked above and to reply to this post!


Paiwan language is a native language in Taiwan. The project Oral citation in Paiwan language plans to build Paiwan documents (both audio/video and script) on Wikisource that can be cited on other wiki projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. Please join me in congratulating the Wikimedian @Iyumu for their Movement Strategy Implementation Grant! :clap:

Are you also working on activities around the richness of languages in the Wikimedia movement? Reply to this thread and share! :loudspeaker:


A experiência do Movimento de Mulheres na Wikimedia Lusófona: uma estima-ativa (em inglês: Assessing the Women’s Movement Experience on the Lusophone Wikimedia) é um projeto que objetiva estimar os diferentes níveis de experiência (individual, coletiva e geral) das mulheres-editoras ativas na Wikimedia lusófona. Ao longo de diversas fases, o projeto analisará o contexto localizado da comunidade lusófona em perspectiva com o movimento wikimedista global. O projeto aborda a recomendação de número 6 #invest-in-skills-and-leadership-development (Investir em Capacitação e Liderança).

Obrigada por se debruçar sobre esta questão e parabéns pelo subsídio para o desenvolvimento do projeto, @Andi_Inácio. :sparkles: Há mais mulheres na sala? Vamos conversar :female_sign: :loud_sound:



I am starting to develop the content!

Please stay toned for the live course this spring!

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Wiki Step! Systemic development of the Kyrgyz Wikipedia is a project that contributes to advancing Movement Strategy initiative number 3 “Increased awareness about the Wikimedia Movement”, within recommendation 1 #increase-the-sustainability-of-our-movement. The project activities are aimed at the sustainable development of Kyrgyz Wikipedia and at solving its main problems.

Please join me in congratulating @Eldin Begi / @Элдин беги and the project team as they now set things into motion! :tada:


Very interesting DIFF post “Strategies to bring more Indic languages on Wikimedia projects: research findings” by @Amrit_Sufi and @Nitesh_Gill. The project behind it can be viewed here. Made me think about this other project Oral citation in Paiwan language by @Iyumu. So nice to see different MSIG grants around language, such a key subject for Wikimedia movement. :speaking_head:


Update and congratulations to @Mali_Brødreskift_WMNO @Shahadusadik and the rest of the project team!

The report from this project has been shared in detail here.

I invite everyone interested in Language Diversity across our movement to take the time to read through and share your thoughts, comments and expectations too!


Re-sharing: “Capacity development for underrepresented communities: Insights from the implementation phase” . @Kiril_Simeonovski and @Ehrlich91 also shared about the future plans. Congratulations to the team!

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