ABOUT could use some love

IMHO the ABOUT page could use some love :slight_smile:
Looks super sparse and the one line that is there:
Forum for Wikimedia Movement Strategy discussions and collaboration.
ā€¦could be better with at least:
Forum for Wikimedia Movement Strategy updates, discussions, networking and collaboration.

Also next two links Guidelines and FAQ lead to same Guidelinesā€¦so no FAQ?


@Zblace, I very much appreciate you :hugs:

I will update the Forum ABOUT page as you suggested. Further suggestions are welcomed!

As for the FAQ, I imagine weā€™ll be building it out more fully after the community review period. Weā€™re using this period as an opportunity to see what questions have surfaced frequently. If you think there are specific questions we should definitely include in the FAQ, I am always open to hearing from you (and others)!

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Thank you.

FAQ #1

IMHO it should be what Forum is not :slight_smile:

Just to be super clear to the most frequent question of this phase

if this is a ā€˜Meta discussions killerā€™ or alternativeā€¦

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