WikiLearn is out of beta; course content translation feature ready!


WikiLearn – the online learning system created by the Community Development team at the Wikimedia Foundation – has come out of beta testing and is now ready for general use.

It also has a major new feature: course content translation.

Read all about it:
(and consider helping to translate the news if you can.)

Stay tuned for news about the governance conversation for the WikiLearn platform, coming up in February.



من الجيد أن تكون هناك تجميعية للدروس، لكن هل يمكن للجدد استعمالها بسهولة، والسؤال الثاني هل يوجد تصنيفات للدروس وبرنامج للمتابعة، أو هو عبارة عن بطاقات يجب البحث لنجد الهدف

I certainly hope newcomers can use the courses easily. Do you have a concern about any particular course? So far, all the courses offered are entry-level, requiring no special prior background.

Regarding follow-up courses – eventually there will be more advanced courses on the platform, and those would specify their prerequisite courses, so that it would be clear what prior courses one should take before attempting these courses.

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