Super simple visual intro (animation/screencast)


I got interesting input that made me thinking that for people used to discussing by email and IRC as low level standards, and/or Wikis and Meta as our own, and/or Telegram and other messengers (while missing forum type of software) - this is actually novel way of organizing discussions and some visual intro and preview of key features would be very useful.

(p.s. mentioning specific framing and use of this particular instance could be another one)


I did not go researching and finding existing super simple video *(maybe it is best to make one), but I found this one as possible inspiration for people who wanna have medium level of depth and understanding.


Thanks for sharing the video, it is a good idea you brought up. An explainer video about key features of the forum would definitely be useful. This video should have subtitles in different languages and spoken in simple English.

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@Zblace eu adoro peças visuais de comunicação. Aliás, em português costumamos dizer “que uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras”.

Acho que você tem razão quando diz que a comunidade wikimedia está mais acostumada com outras plataformas, e que talvez precisasse de ajuda para entender esta aqui. Vou pesquisar para ver se encontro um vídeo como este que você compartilhou, porém mais curto. Deve haver, afinal não somos os únicos usando a plataforma.

Esta conversa me leva a outra, e queria sua opinião @Zblace. Tenho a impressão de que mais do que um vídeo sobre o Discourse, precisamos mesmo é de um vídeo para captar a atenção/engajar as pessoas na Estratégia do Movimento. Exemplo:

FORMAT: very short (1-2 min MAX).
​PURPOSE: grab people’s attention when entering the MS Forum (to be used as a welcome message in the forum)
​CONTENT: briefly explain MS, why it should matter to YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY and how you can get involved (ie. project funding opportunitues through grants).
​CALL TO ACTION: linkable to specific topic/thread with further info.

What do you think?

(Personally I’m ALWAYS thinking about newbies/emerging communities, aka people who are not in this conversation yet, but is needed the most).

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Sure. Sounds reasonable…
I am happy to give feedback for script when it is ripe
or take part in concept and production development.

Slika govori 1000 riječi (i ovdje ;-p)


About Discourse, I have asked here, but the situation looks grim indeed…

We were thinking of creating short videos about the following topics:

  • How to enable the multilingual support. What are Interface languages? What are Content languages? How do we translate posts from other languages to our own?

  • How to review and set your privacy settings.

  • How to set the notifications.

  • Further review of basic information such as topic creation, learning with Discobot–> badges, replying to a post, etc.

Feel free to add what you think is a must thing to be in this video.

Acabei de ver os vídeos por cima, são longos demais, não? Quem tem 30 minutos ou mais de uma hora para ver um vídeo sobre “como começar”? :thinking: Acho que nesse caso é até mais fácil experimentar a plataforma durante esse tempo e aprender na marra :laughing:
Acho até que o @discobot :robot: e seus tutoriais acabam sendo melhores nesse sentido.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Nice to learn that portuguese and croatian languages have that in common :heart_hands:

Not the same, but here there are some animated gifs:

Sent you a PM on this. Thanks for the offer to provide your feedback.

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@AAkhmedova_WMF produced a video. It is now featured on Forum's basic instructions, which is a topic permanently pinned as a main destination for newcomers.

Closing this task and liberating 2 votes. :slight_smile: Further discussion is welcome on A walk-through the Movement Strategy Forum.