Suggestions for tags


Yes, tags can be grouped and have parent-child relationships. Of course, it requires more work and organization to create and maintain this setup but maybe it’s worth the effort.

I have created the #discourse #discourse-software tag to identify topics related to the software that runs this forum.

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#discourse_(software) might be useful renaming just to avoid potential for confusion

#revenue created thanks to Movement Strategy initiative #7: Revenue generation for the Movement


Would love something like “Public Policy” or “global advocacy”!

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I’m not a specialist in this topic but… #public-policy sounds more standard, whereas #global-advocacy is more a term that is better understood within Wikimedia / the Foundation?

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#public-policy tag created. :tada:

@FPutz_WMF and anyone else, feel free to add it to the relevant topics.

I feel like its long been time to create a gender issues related tag on the forum, as per @TCappelletto_WMF suggestion, how about we create #gender-gap for the time being? I suggest #LGBTIQA+ tag as well for more visibility and to collect all the information related to the topic.


New tags created: #gender-gap and #lgbtqia-plus (the “+” sign isn’t accepted in tags).


New tag created: #glam


When someone posts or asks a question on a topic on the forum, chances are that they won’t receive a timely response or no response at all. This is bad. To help solve this problem, one suggestion is for us to create the #action-needed tag, which will be added to all topics that need a response.

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hello @Zuz_WMF
I think it will be great because in that way everyone will get replied and the forum will be more interactive too.

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Not sure that is precise enough. Also it is modaliti and not type of content, so it should not be presented in interface in the same way IMHO

I think an #action-needed tag would be a clear improvement compared to the current situation, where it is so easy to forget about open discussions. A tag not only allows to have a reminder on these topics, it also offers a page where everyone can see what are the oldest, most visited, most commented topics, which also helps prioritizing the work to respond.

@Zblace I see your point about different types of tags, but the fact is that Discourse offers only one kid of tag. I think this is a justified compromise given the benefits.


some suggestions for new tags:

  • Live-events
  • Wikipedia-content
  • youtube-videos
  • Local-meetups
  • wikipedia-projects

Tags will definitely go a long way in drawing attention and following up on topics. We’ve seen the benefits of barely using them on social media to collate all things related to a particular topic. I’m all in support of it and I see great suggestions as well.

Maybe we can have a bit of a structure and logic about tags so they are semi-structured and not just all flat and likely overlaping. For me it feels like something we can agree as shared proposal on quickly in focused online meeting.

If I was in position to organize FORUM Office Hour I would do that :wink:

The idea of a meeting to discuss tags i very interesting! For the tags, and for the social part. :slight_smile:


#action-needed got enough endorsements, and the tag has been created.

We already have #events and #wikipedia. Isn’t that enough for now?

We don’t have a tag for posts containing #videos, and that seems useful. Is there a need to specify whether they are YouTube videos or else?

Thank you and sorry I bring all the interesting ideas that add to your work load :wink:

well, as the forum eveolves, i think that people may upload videos and media from a variety of sources, or upload their own works.

also, using the tag “youtube” helps to highlight that the main official channel for wikimedia videos is at youtube; other wikipedia groups and chapters may evetually set up a channel there as well.