Suggestions for tags


Yes, tags can be grouped and have parent-child relationships. Of course, it requires more work and organization to create and maintain this setup but maybe it’s worth the effort.

I have created the #discourse #discourse-software tag to identify topics related to the software that runs this forum.

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#discourse_(software) might be useful renaming just to avoid potential for confusion

#revenue created thanks to Movement Strategy initiative #7: Revenue generation for the Movement


Would love something like “Public Policy” or “global advocacy”!

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I’m not a specialist in this topic but… #public-policy sounds more standard, whereas #global-advocacy is more a term that is better understood within Wikimedia / the Foundation?

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#public-policy tag created. :tada:

@FPutz_WMF and anyone else, feel free to add it to the relevant topics.

I feel like its long been time to create a gender issues related tag on the forum, as per @TCappelletto_WMF suggestion, how about we create #gender-gap for the time being? I suggest #LGBTIQA+ tag as well for more visibility and to collect all the information related to the topic.


New tags created: #gender-gap and #lgbtqia-plus (the “+” sign isn’t accepted in tags).