Suggestion: Can we create a "Town Hall" page and associated navbox, at Meta?


in looking at all the proposals currently in process at the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) website, it occurs to me that what we need there is a “Town Hall” page at the WMF site, or something similar. in other words, there are a wide range of active proposals at numerous pages. what we need is a single page which is specifically designed to group all active proposals together, with a clear summary of their overall current status, as well as their goals.

such a page would be informational only; in other words, it would be designed to help new users and visitors to WMF site to navigate easily to active proposals, and also to get a quick and easy general overview and update as to current status of currently active proposals.

how does that sound? I am open to any and all comments. thanks!!

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This idea sounds interesting. Just to clarify…

Where are you looking at? Can you share the link(s), please?

thanks for your reply. well, most of the pages I am looking that I want to highlight are the ones already posted extensively in this forum. such as the one below. I hope these examples are helpful to answer your questions.

I don’t have links handy, so I am simply posting the page titles, off the top of my head. thanks.

  • Discussion of code of conduct

  • active board elections, 2022

  • Active discussion and proposals for regional and thematic hubs

  • Monthly policy discussion

  • Discussion of USA coalition and other regional meetups

there are other examples as well. in other words, simply any and every:

a) proposal under active development

b) resource being developed

c) active established time-based governance process e.g., elections for the board

d) any regularly-occurring community discussion process

e) any currently-active discussions to focus upon proposals or resources that have already been approved, but which are in a state of initial or ongoing development, by community in general

I hope that is helpful to answer your question? the goal would be to greatly facilitate and expedite easier navigability at the meta Wikimedia site; clearly that site is very complex to navigate for newcomers, so this is the first seedling s for a concerted effort to make the site much more navigable and convenient, for any community members willing to get involved. I hope that’s helpful. thanks!

Hi Sm8900! Thanks for your suggestion here.

You may find this interesting:

A new “front door” for the Foundation is something that the Movement Communications team is currently working on building. In the meantime, you can find some of these features on the WM News (Meta-Wiki’s front page) and on the Diff calendar:

Hope this helps!


@RAdimer-WMF , yes, thank you so much for that link. this is extremely helpful. yes, this is exactly what I am trying to advocate for. i would like to suggest that we please try to get this set up forthwith.

based on your link, I may compose a partial draft and post a link to it on that talk page. I don’t think my own ideas are the only good ones, in any way, but I want to try to offer whatever small suggestions or ideas that I can offer, in my own limited way. i greatly appreciate your helpful reply on this. thanks.

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Okay, now we are getting there.

ok, thanks.

Feel free to leave any feedback or comments if you wish. thanks! :slight_smile:


@Sm8900 this is like reading my mind. I just posted over the weekend that can we have an AfricanWiki Activity Bulletin Board? Where we can put together all projects and reduce project duplication. An offline and online App that can run on the phone of every African Wikimedian’s phone. This is almost similar to my thoughts.

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