Should there be an error reports subcategory?

Btw should there be an error reports subcategory?

(Why not #site-feedback:forum-improvements for everything?)

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That works but then maybe the name should be changed. Also not sure how much sense the voting feature makes for bugs.

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“Forum improvements” is something everybody understands and it’s easy to translate. Quite often users don’t know what is a bug, a feature, a software problem, or a content problem. Neither they should care, really.

But changing names of categories is easy, and if there are alternative proposals let’s discuss them. :slight_smile:

Different bugs impact people differently. If we have a security breach we are not going to wait and see whether it gets more votes to fix it :slight_smile: but for many improvements (bugs or features) it is interesting to get an idea about what bothers people the most.

Plus, we were looking for an excuse to test this voting feature. :innocent: