Past/future FORUM uses beyond discussions?

Aside from forum discussions How else you use this forum?

  • #1 for making multi-lingual event pages?
  • #2 for announcing/promoting work?
  • #3 for direct approach to individuals?
  • #4 for doing general research?
  • #5 for networking/socializing?
  • #6 for sharing updates? *(blog, newsletter, link listings)
  • #7 …what else? (suggest new uses bellow)
  • #8 None…here to discuss without use of English.

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Also few comments on my vote why I am mostly here for:

  • #1 for making multi-lingual event pages! This is likely most essential new feature
  • #2 for announcing/promoting work! I feel it reaches other audiences or in other way
    …wanna use this more in 2023:
  • #6 for sharing updates? *(blog, link listings) Hopefully with more features
  • #7 …what else? (new uses) Organizing work with focus group
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i voted for the poll item above. i appreciate your great ideas in setting up this thread.

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Thank you. I think I rushed a bit into doing it now as it is end of the another crazy year, but hopefully it will get bumped up again into visibility in 2 weeks or so…January is better IMHO

After reading topic 是否能拿《The Tyranny of Structurelessness》檢視我們的運動?
I realized that list is missing shearing readings, literature and media as learning content.