Movement Strategy initiative #27: Flexible resource allocation framework

Flexible resource allocation framework

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In order to Ensure Equity in Decision-making, we need a flexible and distributed resource allocation. This resource allocation framework is needed in order to help fund the Movement Strategy implementation activities conducted by Affiliates and Hubs. This resource allocation should also be designed in consultation with the communities, through the same process as that of the Movement Charter. It should have flexible criteria that are adapted to different contexts so that the communities take part in the funding decisions that impact them. The framework should also support equity, for example: by providing flexible funding with a flexible duration. The Global Council, once established, will oversee the allocation of resources according to this framework. Hubs will also take part in distributing money according to the resource allocation framework.

  • In the immediate future, the Wikimedia Foundation should increase overall financial and other resources directed to the Movement for the purpose of implementing Movement strategy.
  • These additional resources should support new regional and thematic hubs and other Movement organizations in addition to existing Movement organizations and affiliates.
  • In the near future, the Movement should play a guiding role in resource allocation. The processes for allocation should be designed through consultation and described in the Movement Charter. This transition to Movement-led guidance should occur in a timely fashion.
  • The Global Council should oversee the implementation of the guidance given by the Movement as described in the Movement Charter, including recommendations for funds allocation to regional and thematic hubs and other Movement organizations while recognizing the involved organizations’ legal and fiduciary obligations.
  • Based on frameworks set by the Global Council, regional and thematic hubs will facilitate resource allocation through approaches that are reliable, contextualized, flexible, and resilient to secure and sustain communities and organizations with multi-year plans.
  • Funding systems will need to be flexible in terms of length, merging strategic goals of the Movement with local needs and directives, specifying mutual accountabilities, and opening pathways to local funding initiatives.

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