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TL;DR: The draft definition of leadership, prepared by the Leadership Development Working Group, was published for community review and feedback on September 15th. There was an MS Forum post also besides other media to collect feedback. The feedback period ran until October 6th. This is an invitation to participate in community calls online to be held on Saturdays, October 22 and 29, 2022. Please sign up on the meta page to register!

The Leadership Development Working Group [LDWG] published their draft definition for community feedback and review on 15th September 2022. We collected feedback and comments until 6th October.

You can find the draft definition content here. The following methods were used to collect feedbacks and comments.

[Meta-Talk page]

[MS Forum Poll page]

[Feedback form]


At the end of our feedback period, we are hosting two Global Community Calls to report back on the progress on the definition, listen to community stories of leadership and engage in open discussion with community members.

The calls will last between 60 and 90 minutes, and will include an 20 minutes introduction about the purpose of the call and updates on the draft definition, followed by open discussions. Please sign up ahead of time to join.

The discussions will be held on Zoom. Links to the meetings will be provided on this page a few days before they occur. The calls will not be recorded. Participation via video or audio is not required; participants may engage using text chat.

The calls will be hosted in English with live interpretation provided in Spanish and Russian. We can support live interpretation for 2 more languages for each call. Please add a request for your language of preference. Languages with more than 5 requests will be considered for live interpretation support.


Community Call 1: Western Hemisphere friendly

Saturday, October 22 at 15:00 - 16:00 UTC
See your local time here!

Community Call 2 : Eastern Hemisphere friendly

Saturday, October 29 at 08:00 - 09:00 UTC
See your local time here!


Hello @Mrb_Rafi
I was hoping to join both of the community call but sadly because of college exam I can only join the 2nd one. Will you provide recording after the call? It would be great :slight_smile:


I would object to one detail of this effort. if there are going to be two or more calls, then they should each occur on a different day of the week. they should not all occur on the same day of the week, and same time slot.

there may be some people who do wish to attend, but who can’t attend if every call is on Saturrday, (or alternatively, if every call was on a Sunday), etc.


Yes I also agree too. With this many people will be able to attend.

Hi @ShahajadaSJ7, Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm, to be honest, we need more and more volunteers in the movement like you. You don’t need to be present in both of the meetings, cause both of the meetings will talk about the same thing, just two different times for people from different time zones all around the world. It’s okay if you join only one call. And these meetings aren’t going to be recorded.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @Sm8900. Your concerns have been shared with LDWG, I’ll try to get back to you shortly.

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Hi again, @Sm8900,

Thanks a lot again for your valuable opinion. We’ll keep this in mind from our next community calls as we’ve already sent out invitations to everyone for these two calls.

Actually, for every call, we need to consider a lot of things, of course, we need to find the most convenient time. And at the same time, we need to prepare our resources - pre-call invitations to hundreds of channels, interpretation support, note-taking, preparing slides, after-call feedback synthesis and many more. It is one of the toughest jobs to find the most convenient time considering all these things but we always try our best to make the time accessible for most people. We’ll consider your feedback from our next community calls and thanks a lot again for the opinion.


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Hello all!

Clock’s ticking!
The first community call is just a few hours far!
OMG! I’m so excited!!

BTW, The necessary links for tomorrow’s meeting are as follows:

Zoom: zoom link
Etherpad: etherpad link


The event has been updated with the details of the second community call.

Necessary links:

Zoom: zoom link
Etherpad: etherpad link


What are the main goals of the Leadership Development Working Group?


You can check out This topic. I think it might be helpful.


Thanks a lot for your question, @Ifteebd10.

We’ve set 3 goals from Leadership Development Working Group (LDWG)

  1. Preparing a definition of the Movement leadership

  2. Creating a Leadership Development Plan and

  3. Guiding the execution of the Leadership Development Plan

See Leadership Development Working Group

and LDWG’s meta page for more info.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more follow up questions.