Introducing the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2023 Annual Plan

A couple of days ago, Wikimedia Foundation published its Annual Plan for FY 2022/2023. This plan is based on two main pillars of the Wikimedia Movement Strategy: “knowledge equity” and"knowledge as a service", both created by Wikimedia volunteers during the Movement Strategy process happening in 2017–2020.

Wikimedia Foundation Goals for 2022−2023

  1. Advance Knowledge Equity by bringing a stronger regional focus to our collective work.
  2. Deepen our commitment to Knowledge as a Service by strengthening how we prioritize and allocate product and tech support to 740+ Wikimedia projects, starting with Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.
  3. Strengthen movement governance and health by supporting key priorities like the Movement Charter, the Universal Code of Conduct, and movement strategy implementation.
  4. Improve the Foundation’s performance and effectiveness by improving our translation/interpretation support, lifting up more meaningful metrics to assess our impact, and designing shared services to support a truly global working environment.

This year, the Annual Plan process has included a month-long conversation between the Wikimedia Foundation and the communities. Volunteers visited the draft page for the Annual Plan over 12 000 times, which is a fourfold increase from the 2021 Annual Plan. Over 750 users participated and shared their feedback during multilingual conversations attended by Wikimedia Foundation staff and its CEO, Maryana Iskander. Feedback from these conversations can be found here.

We invite your reflections and questions at any time below on the Forum or on Meta. (Read more on Diff)


I think that the natural place for reflection on this great new document, is right here at the MS forums!

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