Global Conversations on Hubs on June 24, 25, and 26!

Hi Hubbers, hi everyone!

I’m opening a new thread here on the next Global Conversations event on regional and thematic hubs, that we’re organizing. We’ll organize three sessions for different time zones, on June 24 (11 to 13:00 UTC), June 25 (11:00 to 13:00 UTC), and June 26 (11:00 to 13:00 UTC). Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in various languages (on June 24 + 25).

We’d like to invite Wikimedians working on establishing a Hub in their context to these sessions with the idea to create a space to share experiences and learn from each other. Registration for the event will open on June 10 and will close on June 23.

There’s more information on the event on Meta (Hubs/Global Conversations June 24-26, 2022 - Meta). If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, share them here if you like!

Cornelius (event coordinator) + Kaarel (program lead)


مهتم، أتمنى آلا يفوتني الموعد، والتسجيل بطبيعة الحال.

Thank you for your interest, Nehaoua! I will add you to my list, so I’ll send you the link to the registration when it opens. Ok? :slight_smile:


سنعلن في الميدان وقنوات التواصل عن الفعالية ومواعيد التسجيل في حينه.


thank’s, :slightly_smiling_face:

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@CKibelka_WMF , this sounds amazing. thanks for this link!!

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Hi all, quick info: Based on the conversations and feedback around the recently published proposal for Minimum Criteria for Pilots of Hubs, the program/agenda for the event is being revised. That means we’re also postponing the start of the registration for the event (which was due today) to next week. As soon as I have updates, I’ll share them here.

Cheers, Cornelius


@Joycewikiwiki tagging you since you asked, see Cornelius’ comment here :slight_smile:


Hi @CKibelka_WMF ; I have just been looking over the wikimedia pages in detail, and I wasn’t able to find any page to register, or sign up to participate, or sign up to join, or to add my name in any way. I’m very encouraged by your message above. could you please let me know where I would go to sign up? thanks.

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Hello everyone, thanks for being patient with us. We have decided to revise the program for the event (3 sessions) entirely. It will now focus only on the proposed Minimum Criteria for Hubs Pilots, the event will serve as a space to gather feedback and listen to concerns, to develop a better and revised version of the Criteria. Registration is now open (registration form, privacy statement for it). Please read the document before joining the event.

For full context I’m sharing the information on the event my colleague @KVaidla_WMF has provided:

The third workshop on regional and thematic hubs will focus on the minimum criteria for hub pilots. Several movement groups have started research and needs assessment in their region or theme. The next step in the process would be to try some of the outcomes of the research out in practice, piloting the hubs. Developing the formal definition of hubs in the Movement Charter will take time. This creates a need to have an agreement in the movement about the essential criteria that any pilot on the hubs would need to meet.

At the event we will discuss the criteria and proposed changes from the review period. Further feedback can be added as part of the conversation. The second part of the event will focus on consensus building to develop a new draft. This conversation will also surface the points of contention that will need further discussion. The workshop will lead us to an improved version of the hubs piloting criteria and make clear the next steps in the process.

If you have any questions, please let me or us know. Cheers!


The Hubs conversations are happening this week! If you are involved or just interested in any project related to hubs, remember that there are online discussions welcoming more opinions at [DRAFT] Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots.


Registration closes tonight. Please register if you’d like to join!

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