Find out more about Let's Connect Peer Learning program

Hi everyone, find out more about Let’s Connect Peer learning program and participate in 1:1 connections or Learning Clinics.


شكرا على المبادرة، وهي فعلًا تُعطي تصورًا شاملًا للموضوع، لكن وجود عقبة اللغة، والتي يُمكن بعد ترجمة المحتوى تعميم المبادرة لجميع المجتمعات، فالتمكن في اللغة الإنجليزية لا يعني حتمًا الاستفادة القصوى من المبادرة، والعكس ربما يضيع الجهد في الترجمة وفك رموز اللغة دون تحقيق الهدف لغير المتحدثين بالإنجليزية وتصير المشاركة محصورة فيمن يتقنون هذه اللغة فقط


Hi Nahaoua, thanks so much for your interest in reviewing Let’s Connect. We definitely hope that the program’s general information is offered in several languages on Meta. Hopefully, the communities involved can support this and we will also make more efforts to translate. However, it is important to mention that the program in its testing phase is trying to identify language interpretation needs and making efforts so that people who participate in learning spaces (either clinics or 1:1 conversations coffees, and teas) can do so in the language of their preference. I would love you to register and participate in some spaces so we can further test and learn from this experience.


Will this forum will serves as a Mentees or regional ambassadors??