Do you think this forum can improve Movement Strategy discussions and collaboration?

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Discourse would have been amazing to have much earlier (personally asked for it few times), now it feels a bit it is less obvious since so many initiatives already formed and have their own communication and work dynamics. Anyway I am supportive of it as a method and a tool, but coutious to see if it is too-late for onboarding critical mass of users *(agree with more conservative opinions that Meta should remain central, just not only and just not as alternative, but co-existing).


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Samun wuri irin wannan zai yi matuƙar taimakawa wajen tattara mabanbantan mutane daga ko’ina su san abin da ake gudanarwa dangane da Movement Strategy, musamman samun damar jin ra’ayoyi daga mutane da dama akan fahimtar su da tunanin su game da Movement Strategy shirin wanda zai iya zama a baya basu damar sanin hakan, musamman yanda yanzu kowa zai iya magana acikin harshen shi sannan kuma wani ya ga fassarar zancen shi ya fahimce shi. Ganin irin wannan shafin yayi kama da shafin sada zumunta zai fi ɗaukar ra’ayin masu amfani da basu saba da yin rubutu da bibiyar abubuwa akan meta ba.


I agree with other opinions stating Meta should remain the central place of gathering. But I must say: This forum feels so much more welcoming to newcomers. I speak for myself.

So from where I stand, if Meta is hard enough, here the participation can be significantly easier. The interface walk us through it. Any hard-time might be due to the great amount of text, that is intrinsic to forums. But if the point is to ~mass discuss the movement strategy~ then a lot of discussion among lots of people is actually the goal. If people feel pushed back by it, then they are just not that interested in the discussion. Which is OK. They can keep up with the outcomes.

Plus, when the established alternatives so far are Telegram and similar, closed channels, I believe forums are much more useful to the goal.

Long live this forum! :partying_face:


I think this forum can play a highly beneficial role in basic wikipedia and WMF processes. I am highly optimistic about its potential benefits. I am working on a small but hopefully useful navbox; one role it might serve is to provide an inviting link to this forum website, in order to draw more of the community here. I will keep you posted.


@Andi_Inácio , I agree! I am very optimistic about the potential benefits of this forum.


This forum can improve things, for sure. Not just because of it’s multilingually, but because it’s user friendly and designed for the purpose of conversing. Wiki engine is not. It’s made for articles, not to enable complex discussions to be held.


tagging @Zblace, @Xeno_WMF , @Qgil-WMF @Tgr , @RAdimer-WMF , @Braveheart , to let them know about my reply, here on this thread.

when I first got to this forum, I was elated to find it; however I was a little unsure about my own objective opinion regarding this forum. now that I have been here a little longer, I am much more sure of my own opinion.

I think this forum is absolutely a highly valuable resource, which plays an absolutely vital resource for promoting discussion, AND for promoting real development and expansion of wiki community values.

the reasons are simple. until now I have been UNABLE to find ANY forum that truly welcomed actual interchange, brainstorming, actual ideas or real positive development. this forum is the first venue that I have found where genuine new ideas are genuinely welcomed, in an atmosphere of genuine discussion, real community, and mutual respect. in general, in OTHER venues, actual new ideas are often shouted down, as anyone who seeks to offer any new ideas are generally treated like children, or like interlopers, or like amateurs, or like they are intrinsically intruding.

in short, now that I have been here for an extended time, and now that my period of initial introduction has ended, I can honestly say that this forum has genuinely provided an altogether necessary and vital resource; namely, a genuine community, one which engenders genuine discussion and creativity. I highly recommend this forum for continuation as a resource, and I highly encourage and applaud the approach, format and content now being developed in this forum.

in closing, I would like to share a highly similar comment which I posted just today on a thread with a topic that is very similar. I offer this comment in order to reiterate my own highly positive feelings about this forum and the role it does play and the larger role that it can potentially grow into. I commend and applaud everyone who is participating here, and I look forward to future discussions with great anticipation and optimism. thanks!!

link to earlier comment:

@Imbehind , exactly!! I fully agree with your comment, and applaud your comment. well said!!

Re “adding images is a nightmare” on Meta: Isn’t that partly a licensing issue? Meta is supposed to be CC BY-SA. If it were as easy to add pictures to Meta as it is on Twitter or Facebook, it would instantly end up hosting all sorts of media files that are not compatible with that license.

It’s mainly a licensing issue. But then, the reasons for choosing free licensing (we wanted to ensure Wikipedia & co could be freely used and modified by anyone) don’t really apply to talk page discussions. They just can’t be exempted without causing major disruption to image copyright policing in general, because of how MediaWiki handles images.

This needs surfacing and adoption of projects like

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Yego ! ubu buryo bwadufasha gutanga ibitekerezo byacu byingenzi, ndetse no kubasha kubona ibyo abandi bagize indi miryango hirya no hino kwi Isi babitekerezaho muburyo buziguye kurushaho, twabigiraho byinshi kandi natwe bikaduha amahirwe yo kuvuga uko tubibona ndetse n’ibyifuzo byacu!


Ikgitekerezo ndemeranya nacyo kuko izadufasha kumenya neza nogusobunukirwe urugendo kandi tukanabasha gutanga iitekerezo byacu . :hugs:


@JKoerner-WMF , as per your sugestion, I would like to get threads such as this one active again.

@JKoerner-WMF and @NPhan_WMF discussed some of the current forum dynamics with me, via the thread at the link below. As you know, over the last week, a series of threads were posted, with numbering as “Q1, Q2, Q3,” etc etc; these threads were specifically reserved for questions posed to candidates for the Board. I am glad to have had those exchanges here; however, I would also like to encourage activity to resume in general threads for discussion such as this one.

Therefore, I am posting this brief initial reply, simply to renew the thread. As time goes on, I would like to see our general discussions of varied ideas and topics resume here in this forum. I look forward to seeing renewed discussion here. thanks.

THREAD: General thread for questions about the forum’s topics, for discussion by moderators, or by the general community, (or both)

this is exactly what I would like to see happen. I do not feel that enough is being done to foster this forum as an active resource, or to promote its active use in this regard.

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exactly, yes. well said. @Zblace , your formulation above of the issues involved in promoting this forum for actual use is spot-on. I would like top try to explore if there are still some effective ways that we can try to promote this forum for actual use, and truly promote its role as a real resource for the community.

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The summary in the first post will be used in the upcoming #forum-community-review report. Questions, suggestions and improvements are welcome by the end of this week. We aim to have the report ready by the end of next week.

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in my opinion, no one uses Meta for any truly significant topics, discussions, ideas, or efforts. that is one of the many, many reasons that I feel that the MS forums are truly helpful.

I want to acknowledge and note your highly positive and helpful remarks above, in another comment, several items down from the first comment that I quoted. it is very encouraging to see your insights and positive feedback on this. thanks!!

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