Conversation hours: Wikimedia Foundation Funds for the Middle East and Africa region

Hello! Are you from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and interested in applying for Wikimedia Foundation Funds? Do you want to learn more about funding programs or funding opportunities? You can join one of our public conversation hours, open to any community members.

The next conversation hour is on 1 September 2022, at 16:00 - 17:00 UTC. It will be in English, French and Arabic. It is open to community members in the MEA funding region interested in applying for the General Support Fund (Wikimedia Community Fund) - Round 1 with the September 9 deadline.

Zoom Meeting Link, Meeting ID: 874 6899 4589, Passcode: 454018

There will be more conversation hours soon! I’ll constantly add them in this thread. You can also see them on the MEA region page.


This is very informative, we really need this sort of conversion hours. All thanks to the team!


Great. I can’t wait to participate.

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