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I would have expected the basic instructions to also tell me how to login via SUL?

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We are trying to keep Forum’s basic instructions as simple and concise as possible, and this includes the topics we cover there.

Did you have any problems with the login? Or did you hear about anyone having problems?

+450 users have registered so far, and there haven’t been questions about how to log in. Some people complain that they get stuck, and the cause is that their email address on their Wikimedia account isn’t confirmed.

I’m only talking about what I could see. If others have other experiences please share them (and/or vote for this request). If there is a clear need to add a section about the login, let’s add it.

FWIW, I wanted to send basic instructions to my recent hire, who knows nothing about SUL, so I had to add and explain that part separately.

The hypothesis is that people who have no idea about what “SUL” or even “Wikimedia login” is, click Register, follow the steps, and make it here.

We have been casually checking on new users (posting or just registering) and there are plenty that are relatively newcomers, many have edited only in one wiki project, some are in their first steps as editors…

We thought about it and even wrote it up, but it felt redundant, since there’s only one way to get onto the Forum – via your Wikimedia login – so we decided to not share it.

It would have looked like:

How to create a Discourse account

  1. Join the Movement Strategy Forum
  2. Once you are on the homepage, click the “Login with Wikimedia” button. You are able to use your Wikimedia Meta account to log in to Movement Strategy Forum.

Note: If you want to create a new account for the MS Forum, you need to create a new Wikimedia account first.