[Announcements] The latest Applications for Movement Strategy Implementation Grants (MSiG)

These announcements are about the many project ideas that aim to advance a specific Movement Strategy initiative.

New applications will be announced under this topic and everyone is welcome to share thoughts for strengthening these project ideas. You are also invited to support or recommend any project ideas you may find interesting.

Are you planning on applying for a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant? Do you have a project idea that might help advance a Movement Strategy Initiative?

We would like to hear about your project ideas!

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Wikitongues and LDH project

This project is currently proposed and in the final stages of review.

A collaborative effort of the Language Diversity Hub and Wikitongues group. The project team is led by @Bogreudell

This project targets initiative 37 - Bridging content gaps. This project aims to identify linguistic gaps in nearly 95% of all languages, and facilitate mother-tongue Wikimedia contributions by these local communities on a global scale. They plan to work to measurably improve linguistic representation and by extension, expand cultural and historical knowledge across the full spectrum of Wikimedia projects.

Any recommendations for the team?

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Welcoming Newcomers Research Initiatives: Analysis, Tools, and Implementation

This project is currently proposed and going through the final stages of review.

The project team is led by @Marcmiquel and the application primarily targets recommendation 2 - improve user experience. The plan is to research high-impact ideas to support editor retention, and based on the findings develop and create tools and prototypes. These tools will be designed to be adaptable for implementation across various regions.

Any thoughts, feedback or recommendations for Marc?

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Researching for East Africa Regional and Thematic Hubs

This project is currently proposed and in the final stages of review.

The project team is led by @Jadnapac @Douglaseru and their application targets initiative 25 - regional & thematic hubs. The plan is to address the challenge of the region. A few recognized affiliates, and many emerging communities do not have access to the support needed for coordination and collaboration with other developed communities. This research aims to help define the scope and role of a potential hub for the region.

Any thoughts, feedback or recommendations for the project team?

Peer Support for Administrators

This project is currently proposed and in the final stages of review.

The project team is led by @Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL and focuses on Strategy Recommendation 3: Provide for Safety and Inclusion. The aim is to test peer support groups as a framework to provide more safety in the movement and prevent volunteer burnout. We will be working with a peer support group of functionaries, who are responsible for providing safety in Polish language Wikipedia. It will contribute to Peer Support Networks within the Wikimedia Movement project.

Any thoughts, feedback or recommendations?

Arabic Hub - regional community support structure

Recently proposed is this project which takes deliberate next steps, following initial research conducted by @Anass_Sedrati . This project team is looking to dive deeper into understanding how the Arabic-speaking communities can be supported.

Targeting initiative 25 - Regional & Thematic Hubs #ensure-equity-in-decision-making, the team proposing this project is @Ahmed_Mohi_El_din alongside @Sarmad_Yaseen

Do take some time to read through the proposal and feel free to share thoughts here with the project team. You can also endorse if you support the project goals and activities.

Educación y medio ambiente, buenas prácticas hacia el futuro sostenible del planeta

This is a project recently proposed by a project team led by @MrXYZ9x.

The project aims to research and better understand how Wiki projects and encyclopedia on environment subjects, creates awareness. The research will seek to understand how environmental education evolves from basic to tertiary, and find opportunities for developing a series of strategies to strengthen environmental education in Latin America, using Wikipedia. The research will also seek to understand if or how Wikipedia can support environmental sustainability globally.

The target initiative that the application seeks to advance is Initiative 8. Environmental Sustainability Practices #increase-the-sustainability-of-our-movement

Do take some time to read through the proposal and feel free to share thoughts here with the project team. You can also give endorsements if you support the project goals and activities in the “endorsements” section at the bottom of the application page.


In case you missed it … this project is now funded!

Please reach out to project team to learn more!

In case you missed it, this project is now funded and ongoing!

Please reach out to the project team to learn more or to support!

If you have a good research idea. This research fund clinic is worth checking out!


Yes, I wish to investigate on awareness and contribution of Librarians to wikimedia products such as Wikipedia, wikidata and wikicommons in Nigeria especially the northern part of the country. This research objective is to identify why they are not contributing and ways to improve the Awareness on the importance of Wikimedia to education in Nigeria


@Inyor4mr Welcome to the MS Forum :mirror_ball: :partying_face: :tada:

About your research objective, are you planning to join the research fund clinic to take this idea forward? If yes, then that’s wonderful!

The MSG team would be happy to discuss your ideas further as well. We highly recommend that you also discuss these ideas with @AfricanLibrarian too.


ok, i shall do that

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African Librarians Week 4.0 is awareness among Librarians and information professional in Nigeria to tell their stories to the world. I was glad to create awareness among staff and students in department of mineral and engineering resources, Federal Polytechnic Kaduna - Nigeria

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Yes we have an idea, that we really like to work on

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