Try the Discourse Shared Edits plugin for real-time collaborative note-taking (Etherpad-style)

We could try the Shared Edits official Discourse plugin, which provides real-time collaborative editing, Etherpad-style.

Imagine that the facilitators of a session would take notes directly on the corresponding forum topic, live. Other participants in the call could contribute to the note-taking. People watching the video could have the topic open and see how it refreshes, and then maybe click edit to add a detail that they want to see in the notes. The topic would be at the top of the timeline, so anyone landing on the forum could see that there is something going on right now. At the end of the meeting, the notes would be already available for everyone in their language, with the link to the video. Even before the call ends the facilitators could point anyone to the forum topic to review the notes and continue the discussion there in their language.

All this should work in theory, but we need to test this plugin to see if it really can do all this in practice. :slight_smile: