Removing small obstacles one by one for non-English speaking users - in case of MSIG Grants application process

Hi all,

If someone wants to apply for MSIG Grants, he/she/they would land at the following Meta page:

(助成金:MSIG(運動戦略を実現させるための助成金)/申請する - Meta - Japanese ver.)

In order for him/her/them to find out what info he/she/they has to fill out during the application process, he/she/they has to begin the actual process by clicking on “Start my application.” Am I correct? Or are there ways to find out what questions would be asked with the application in advance somewhere? :thinking:




At the moment, the best place to preview the questions is on the template in meta, which you’ll see here.

The other option would be to take a look at one of the links at the bottom of the apply page, the funded projects is good place to get insights.

One more thing I would like to add is that the examples of eligible applications would also be a great place to go to for insight. The examples not only show the questions, but also provide immediate ideas that can be used if you are targeting the focus objectives.


Thank you for your reply and links.

In case of Japanese speaking users, I guess the following page would be appropriate:

I just want to point out that something we, those who don’t have issues with communicating in English, take granted can be an obstacle for some monolingual, non-English speaking users, before they can proceed further.


This person quit the registration process for this Forum just because one of dialog boxes was written in English, and I had to assist him/her to solve the issue.

Thus, is it possible to translate the right side floating box (column?) where it states “please add a title”?

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@AppleRingo777 , @YPam_WMF , リンクをありがとうございます! テンプレートは私が12月に翻訳をしていました :sweat_smile:

Sorry, the translation for this message is not coming up for some odd reason.

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I see what you mean @AppleRingo777 thank you for sharing the feedback (always helpful!) … The section you mention should be translatable.
Will need to check and confirm why that does not seem to happen yet.


For some reason, it’s picking it up as Chinese, even though it’s Japanese. I wonder if it’ll work if we do this…

リンクをありがとうございます! テンプレートは私が12月に翻訳をしていました :sweat_smile:
これら3つのリンクをウィキペディアのお知らせ, 井戸端, 利用者ページ に加えました。


Thank you @NPhan_WMF !

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Thx for the links.

Now I have another question (thus, removing small obstacles one by one :wink:).

If people who evaluate the application have further questions, do you contact those who applied for the grant in English or can the questions be translated?

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You know @AppleRingo777 that’s a really great question!

We would usually reply the person in english, and on the discussion page … this means that the questions can be translated. Most project teams so far are multilingual which makes it kind of easier to provide feedback in English.

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Thank you for your reply. It was helpful.

The point here is that we would like to know what we are walking into in advance so that we can make our plans accordingly such as enlisting fellow English-speaking users who are able to assist non-English speaking grant applicants etc.

BTW I have to give you a heads-up. By reducing the impact of language barriers, we might be helping “export” mono-lingual, non-English speaking vandals to the global level unfortunately.

Sure, we did have vandals and LTAs at the global level before, but now it seems that those mono-lingual, non-English speaking vandals who are emboldened by the lowered language barriers have decided to venture out from their familiar local territory into the global stage. Just be aware. :pensive:


Happy to be helpful!

Also, thank you for the heads up on vandals. :slight_smile:


Hi YPam_WMF,

I have more questions for you.

Q1:The MSIG application asks:

What specific Movement Strategy Initiative does your project focus on and why? Please select one of the initiatives described here.

Is it acceptable to list two Initiatives? Or will it be considered that the purpose and mission of the project are “diluted” by trying to pursue 2 objectives.

Q2: (If listing multiple initiatives is acceptable) :

What are pros and cons of listing multiple initiatives?

Q3: We can complete the application in our language of choice.

Who would translate those applications that are not written in English?

Thank you in advance.


Happy to answer your questions @AppleRingo777

Answer to Question 1 - The most strategic projects have a clear focus on one specific initiative. I do agree with you that sometimes a project might actually have some impact on more than one initiative. It is okay to list other initiatives you believe might be impacted. Still need to have a clear focus on one initiative though!

Answer to Question 2 - As mentioned, listing multiple initiatives is okay, BUT, there will always need to be a focus on one specific one.

  • The challenge with listing too many initiatives is that it makes the project goals and objectives unclear. This will mean that impact will be difficult to track or measure.
  • On the brighter side, it demonstrates that you are aware of the MS initiatives and how your project fits.

Answer to Question 3 - Translation tools are typically used. Otherwise MSG facilitators are typically available to support on translations and/or conveying the context to provide more insight.


Thank you again. Your answers are very helpful. :hugs: