Possibility to express support or disagreement in addition to voting

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:heavy_plus_sign: and :heavy_minus_sign: have been added to the emoji reactions. There is one way to express disagreement now.

Do we leave it here or are there more suggestions? If there are more suggestions, it would be useful to see also more votes to support this request. Votes of support for emojis of disagreement is almost poetic. :slight_smile:

My ‘DEI consultant hat’ would say: this can be done better with more focus and care.

I think this can remain open and revisit it with more focus if Forum passes the adoption test in July (also with people who wanna use and maintain it then).

Há algum tempo ando por aqui, usando o MS Forum, e tenho sentido falta de um emoji para mostrar que estou lendo/interessada em certas publicações, mas sem demonstrar sentimentos mais específicos (apoio/discordância). Parece-me que os emojis disponíveis são úteis para mostrar sentimentos concretos no eixo: apoio x discordância. Como tem sido a experiência de vocês nesse sentido? Vejam, eu adoro dar corações… mas acho que seria útil ter a opção de reagir de modo “mais factual” e não só emocional. Será que os :eyes: serviriam para demonstrar que “li/estou lendo”?


Added! Good suggestion, @TCappelletto_WMF.

Now we have 10 reactions, which is a nice number and looks good on the UI with 2 rows of 5 emojis. This doesn’t mean much, but maybe someone interested in aesthetics appreciates the comment. :sweat_smile:

There is one that sometimes I miss that also goes along the lines of “not necessarily supporting”:


I like its ambiguity. A post makes you think (which is good) but you are not sure about… something.

Then, if keeping the 10 and its symmetry is relevant, one possibility would be to remove :+1: now that we have :heavy_plus_sign: . Although I do use the thumbs up as an emoji reaction, before Facebook made a global thing out of it it felt very US-centric to me. And after Facebook made it so popular it reminds me to… well… Facebook. :slight_smile:

What do you think about removing :+1: now that we have :heavy_plus_sign: ?

Que bom que agora temos os olhos, @Qgil-WMF! Vou começar a usá-los.
Sobre a duplicidade entre os emojis :+1::heavy_plus_sign:, acho que minha reação à sua publicação vale como resposta, não? :smile:
Mas para não haver margem de dúvida: concordo em eliminar o dedo e mantermos só o sinal positivo, já que são redundantes de algum modo.

(He respost amb :+1: perquè la paradoxa era massa temptadora.) :joy:



sorry, but personally I feel that thumbs-up still serves a valuable purpose; namely, it can indicate general encouragement, without necesssarily implying specific assent to all items that may be proposed, suggested, recommended, etc in a specific comment.

I think this is a highly realistic point. it is conceivable that someone here might propose a vast new community effort; and someone else might wish to express their deep appreciation for the effort, without providing a specific vote for specific ideas, as would be implied by the “clapping” emoji, or the “heavy plus sign” emoji. so that is my own personal opinion on this question.

obviously, I will yield to whatever may be the group consensus on this item; so that is just my own two cents on this topic. thanks!

Last week I learned that only one emoji reaction can count as “like” for Discourse’s algorithm. The rest of emojis are still good for communication, but if you care about really liking a post, better use :heart:.

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Good catch…looks like ‘feature’ should be better documented and extended a bit.

I guess we can consider this request resolved?

@here This topic will be closed as resolved after 7 days without replies. If you disagree… please reply. :slight_smile:

I would keep this open at least until Discourse advances to have also negative and not just positive boost algorithm tied to a single reaction (IMHO ideally semaphore spectrum of +1 0 -1 should be best, with 0 just not being specific algorithm action, mere statement of ambivalence that it is marked for neither +1 or -1, separate from unmarked)

The initial request was about “Possibility to express support or disagreement in addition to voting”, this was something we could implement on our own, and after a quite rich discussion and some attempts, we have got a collection of emoji reactions that seems to be working well.

Instructing the Discourse software to make “negative” emojis count in its algorithms i something out of our control (it should be implemented in Discourse, or we would need to have a local patch with code that we would need to develop. This is a different request, way more complex. @Zblace if you are interested in pursuing it, it would be better to have it as a separate request.

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Fair. I am not aware if or not complex, but indeed Meta.Discourse.org
for that matter…


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