Let's discuss: Wikipedia processes for Dispute resolution, Arbitration, Arbcom

This is a thread for discussion, documentation, and exploration of topics regarding various current existing processes for these topics: dispute resolution, arbitration, and official processes such as Arbcom, arbitration, etc at the Wikipedias for various languages.

From English Wikipedia:

¶As part of the larger context for this new thread, please note the following points:

a) Currently there is no thread devoted to discussing the topic of processes for “dispute resolution” at the various wikipedias;

b) Presumably, and by extension, currently there is no definitive or systematic set of thread, here at MS Forums, for discussing the core topics of relevant procedures, rules, and processes, that shape the processes for editing Wikiepdia.

c) Therefore as a larger suggestion for the MS forums, I would suggest that perhaps we might consider creating a systematic set of topical threads, over the course of time, to discuss and to explore the various core rules, principles and procedures as they currently exist across the various wikipedias.

d) Let me also clarify that we should not create a whole new array of threads simply for the sake of having new threads. however this thread topic is presented both as a topic in its own right, and also as a larger example of how the MS forums as a whole can perhaps seek to eventually encompass and explore all of the core areas of Wikipedia, in a systematic way, however those core areas might be defined.

As part of this, let also assert that I fully welcome the input of the admins here. I would invite their input, if they wish, on the suggestion as to whether a strategy for systematically establishing a set of central threads, for discussion if various core topics might be beneficial, over the long term.

And I would welcome any input, or suggestions, as to how we might define, or delineate a hypothetical set of “core topics” that could eventually cover the vast array of topics that could potentially encompass all of the principles of Wikipedia editing as a whole.

I hope this idea is helpful to the MS Forums community. Thanks!


let me also add that I have formulated some new tags to encompass the possible new topical areas that I have suggested above.

tagging our colleagues @Qgil-WMF1 , @NPhan_WMF for their input.

I think these topics are better discussed on Wikipedia as that is the context where urgency for discussing them is the highest and participation is likely to be higher. I also doubt they can be seen as uniquely strategic for 2030, as they were very prominent almost since the start of Wikipedia.


I’m tagging @Xeno_WMF in case he wants to guide us all in this :slight_smile:


If I understand @Sm8900 correctly, they are suggesting to actually discuss arbitration movement-wide, and not just on a single project. In that context, I can see how it would be useful to host the topic here. Another possible venue would be Meta-wiki, however there is no easy way to have a multilingual conversation there.

By way of (re-)introduction, I’m the Senior Committee Support Manager for Wikimedia Foundation and I help to coordinate staff support for Arbitration Committees, Stewards, Affiliations Committee, Ombuds commission, and the Case Review Committee, among others.

One of my ongoing tasks is to continue to extend support to other arbitration committees in operation in the movement. So having a central place to discuss both unique and shared challenges on various projects, where people can post in any language, will be very helpful to this work.

Some other useful links:



@Ifteebd10 hope you will find this interesting


@Xeno_WMF , yes, exactly. that is indeed what I meant, in my initial post above when I posted this thread. I appreciate your helpful reply. thanks.

@Zblace , thanks for your reply. please note, the only place where it is possible to discuss a topic with “Wikipedia,” is right here at the MS Forum.

no other platform or resource exists which can do so. the reasons for this are simple, as listed below:

  1. “Wikipedia” consists of many separate wikipedias, in many different languages. So therefore, the MS Forums are the only platform where discussions can occur that include all of Wikipedia.

  2. the various existing Telegram groups are not suitable for this, because they are in English.

  3. the Meta website is not a suitable place for this, because it is in English.

  4. the “Diff” official blog for Wikimedia is not a suitable place for this, because it is in English.

As @Xeno_WMF has helpfully noted above, the intention in posting this thread was indeed to provide a forum and a resource where this topic could be discussed across the entire movement.

for now, this thread is simply one example, one model, and a possible prototype, for all the myriad central core topics that could be presented and discussed here at the MS Forums, for the benefit of the entire community.

I hope this is helpful, to everyone here. I appreciate all of your helpful replies above.