Forum design improvements

Do you mind a suggest design improvements today to use this before month is over?
(you are welcome to fork this into new thread)

We can discuss design improvements for the forum whenever you want. We don’t need to rush. We have a pack of hours available from the Discourse maintainers and we can use it anytime while our contract with them is active.

#1 PUBLIC/PRIVATE ACCESS to particular topic should be explicit visually *(ideally in the header and not just as a tiny lock icon next to tiny colored rectangle in row of tiny letters.

#2 ORDERING OF TOPICS should be an option for moderator of that section.

#3 PINNING OF MORE THAN ONE TOPIC should be an option for moderator of that section.

Design improvements here means themes, colors, branding…

@Zblace your suggestions above are about changes in functionality, and this is out of scope for the pack of hours we can use for design improvements.

We can discuss improvements in functionality, but if we want to handle these through paid work, this would be part of a new contract.

If you want, we can create new topics for each suggestion, to discuss them separately.

ok. We can do that later, if anyone else joins this discussion.

Some ideas suggested in previous discussions: